Tuesday, November 29, 2005

it's freezing!

no, really!

i didn't get much into my weekend in cruces in my last post because, let's face it, that beast was long enough already. but the weather was beautiful, even more so than in phoenix. it was in the high 70s during the day. these gorgeous, no-jacket, bordering on wear-your-sunscreen days tragically ended on sunday, when we woke up to howling winds and went to sleep when it was about 25 degrees outside.

and socorro is freezing too! steve put weather stripping in all the doors and there are towels along the doorstops and windows. why does it have to be so cold?

two more weeks of school. i can't wait. the controlls homework tonight was gnarly, even jon didn't finish, although he's futher along than josh and myself. bloody homework! two more weeks seems like an eternity, especially with all the final projects and tests and presentations, not to mention the last-minute material that the teachers are trying to cram down our throats because they're freakin' out thinking we haven't learned enough. grrrrr.....

but it's okay, because sir paul blew me a kiss. :)

it feels weird not posting a picture for the first time in oh, three weeks, so i thought you might like to take a look at the sweet ride that adam and i were driving around in phoenix. we got some really dirty looks from other drivers, but we still had lots of fun. this is a sexy little car. it matches my hair.

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