Thursday, December 01, 2005

can't touch this

miller assigned us a take-home controls test on tuesday that was due this morning. and you would be so proud of me, i started on it right away and worked hard. in fact, by the time i went to bed tuesday night, i had completed more than half of the problems and was feeling pretty good about myself.

unfortunately, i did the easy half of the test. or rather, since none of it was really easy, i left the impossible part for later. these were problems that miller had assigned homework on, but had not gone over in class. i haven't done that homework yet because i don't understand the procedure. so it makes a whole lot of sense that these things are on the test... riiiiight.

i worked on that test from about six until nine, when i had my leader's meeting, and then from ten until five-thirty a.m., no kidding. that's when josh and i finally gave up. i went home and got into bed, mostly because i was cold, and lay there thinking, "my test isn't done. my test isn't done. i could be working on my test right now. what if i don't wake up in time to finish?"

needless to say, i got zero sleep. i finally got up at 7:40 and worked on my test until class started at 9:30. that's a lot of hours for one test. i still wasn't happy with it when i turned it in. but guess what miller went over first thing in class? the material we needed to know before the test!

but more unusual than that? i think i actually did it right.

this immediately brought to mind visions of next tuesday, when miller will hand out the graded tests. "there was only one 'A'," he explains to the class, "a 98." of course the class begins to half-heartedly congratulate jon, as usual, until miller hands him his test... an 84! i, on the other hand, have a big red "98%, well done!" at the top of my fourteen-page baby.

so in my little day dream i stood up, turned to jon, threw my test down in front of him, and said, "u can't touch this!" and started doing the hammer shuffle across the room. at that point things in my head got a little silly, no doubt due to my sleepless night.

but let me tell you, i was doing a lot better than josh. that kid shuffled into class about five minutes before it was over, and man, did he look terrible! i guess he's not used to the all-nighter lifestyle since our materials lab ended. good times... :)

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