Tuesday, November 22, 2005

2 days

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well, wimping out on the take-home mechatronics test to make t-shirts and banners this weekend turned out to be something of a mistake... but not a horrible one. i got home from josh's house a little while ago, where josh, adam, jake, jon and i did homework, worked on the test, watched movies, ate pizza, and drank beer. well, josh, adam and jake drank beer. jon opted not to and i tried some of what those boys called "awesome", and it tasted like insecticide to me. beer is gross.

i have SO much to do before my flight leaves tomorrow! heck, i have so much to do before i go to bed tonight! i have one homework assignment that isn't finished (thank GOD i know the grader and can turn it in late) and another that i haven't even started (that WILL be done by morning). and i still have to dye my hair and pack up my car and get ready for the flight and put the finishing touches on the shirt i messed up on and clean out my room... and talk to my boss and get my paycheck and fill out a time card... oh, and go to class. maybe.

i'm so excited! i thought i couldn't shut up about it before, but today i'd be halfway through saying something about the concert or the beatles or sir paul (or my AWESOME beatles jackets that i found at wal mart for $17 each) before i even realize what i'm doing! luckily jake adam and josh were a little too buzzed to be annoyed with me tonight, and jon... well, hopefully he'll still talk to me tomorrow.

yeah, i got a yellow yellow submarine jacket in las cruces and then a brown sargent pepper's jacket in socorro. they are SO COOL! they are my new favorite things. i love them.

and oh yeah, i got my birthday present from my grandmother today. it's the new paul mccartney cd... and i think i told her over the phone the other day that i already have it. whoops... but it was a perfect oresent other than that!

oh yeah, my birthday's coming up. funny how it's getting overshadowed by the awesomeness that is the day before my birthday.

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