Friday, March 09, 2007


the sky is blue, the sun is out, the birds are singing, the spring break trip is ON (for this week! YAY!), and my school awarded me one of ten special fifth-year scholarships for losers like me who are stuck in this town, but it's good because it means i'm not poor anymore! that rocks!

i'm completely excited about both my bellydancing and oil painting classes. i'm planning on doing four dances in the upcoming spring fling show (one with a sword on my head, it's so awesome), and i finshed my painting of the graveyard last night. i like it.

oh, and i turned in my intent to graduate form today. i'm going to graduate! hooray! party!

so! now that i'm out of my meeting and i've turned in my last midterm project, spring break has officially started. i completely breezed through the midterms, too. i didn't prepare for anything, i've been wingin' it all week. course, that might end up biting me in the butt when it comes to the media studies test i took yesterday, but i'm hopeful. now it's time to hit the road and find some ghosts!