Thursday, April 29, 2004

no-go on the initials in the wet cement. last night i was sick because i went and ate some nasty food at the cafeteria, so by the time night fall came around, i was doing as little walking as i could. that's college for ya. either you're up all night studying or you're up all night sick from the freakin' bad food.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

the dorm next to mine is being re-constructed into an office building. this is sad on many levels. first, all the boys that used to live there who were really fun and my friends are now WAY across campus, like a five-minute walk. yeah, it's not that far, techies are lazy. second, the work day for these construction guys starts at six-thirty. the work day also usually starts with a jackhammer or something equally loud right outside my window. yeah, it's not early, techies are lazy.
but right now it's not so bad. they just poured some new cement down there, and there's two guys very dilligently sweeping off the surface to make sure it is smooth and blemish-free. the problem is, there's only one broom. so these two big burly construction workers are very carefully, very tenderly tossing the broom back and forth over their fresh cement so they won't mess up the work they just did. it's one of those things you have to stop and watch.
but that won't stop me from sneaking down there tonight and putting my initials in the cement. bwah hah hah!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

she's done it again!

that's right. the third materials lab write-up. it was not as painful as the second, but it did require an all-nighter, a caffine pill, breakfast at denny's, and five hours in josh's room. i got the highest grade (actually, the only 'A', and it was a high one) on the first write-up and the highest 'A' on the second write-up too, which surprized me because i thought i turned it in pretty incomplete. i only have two weeks to rest before the last one!
i'm a little concerned about school here... i am kicking butt in materials lab, but that's only one credit hour. i'm doing great in mechanics, but really the only grade that matters there is the final. materials is just about the easiest class ever, so i'm doing fine, but i never go to class and the teacher knows this. i haven't gone to diffeq in like two weeks, and i've resorted to bribery with the grader. that leaves physics and physics lab.... ug. i try so hard in those classes. i just suck at physics.
it doesn't help that i am completely un-motovated. i really don't want to work on anything.
i don't want to but i must, dear, dear. i have a physics quiz in half an hour. i'd say it's time to hit the books.
i remember when i was SO good at school...

Friday, April 02, 2004

now it is an ugly day

okay, here's the deal with me. i'm obsessed about records. like keeping records and setting records and breaking my own records. if i can go four and a half days without eating at the cafeteria, i'm all for it. if i can do three days without sleep, heck yeah! it's hard-core to have outrageous records. i have never been skiing in my life. i take great pride in telling people i have never been bowling. i have had ample opportunities to go bowling, but i never have, because if i did, i couldn't say that i'd never been bowling anymore. my record of twenty years, four monhs and a few weeks of not bowling will be spoiled and i'll have to start over. it's not because i'm deprived. it's becasue i'm obsessed with records. i've never done my laundry on campus or gone to the el camino family restaurant or visited the school's famous mineral museum. just to say i've never done it. it's completely irrational.
so does that mean just because i've never had a boyfriend, i'm going to want to keep that record going too? i've never had my heart broken by a guy. why should i stop that trend now? and just because i've always gotten along with a friend and never had any kind of disagreement with him, is that a good reason for me to NOT tell him that he's bugging me? because it will break our otherwise-spotless relationship record?
i'm really confused right now. i've broken records that i didn't want to break. i've set new records, too. i dealt with things badly and caused a friend that i care about to not talk to me for several days in a row... another broken record. i think i'm fast on the road to doing other things i've never done before, and i don't like it.
i keep telling myself i'm just in a bad mood. i'll feel better about things later when everything gets back to normal. but i think i'm kidding myself. things aren't going to get back to normal.
i should have listened.

Thursday, April 01, 2004


ugly day, the sun is shining
every cloud's got a silver lining
ugly day, the skies are blue
now every day is ugly without you!
-five iron frenzy

i'm really happy. i think that's partly due to the fact that i played soccer yesterday and didn't suck. also because my study buddies have been keeping me from failing my classes. also because i walked into physics lab today, ready to throw myself at the mercy of my ta because i hadn't finished my lab, and just as i was about to beg for a few more hours she made this announcment: the labs are due next week! she had decided that kinda out of the blue. adam wasn't finished either. we totally lucked out. woo!
i got my physics test back. it was a b. that is SO weird. i really thought that one was a flunk for sure. and i took a diffeq test on monday. i think i did good!
i hope this good streak lasts for a while. i am enjoying myself. :)