Monday, December 29, 2003

i'm back at work between semesters, and during my breaks i don't really have anything to do except surf the internet... um, yeah, and eat. so here's this quiz, which lord of the rings character are you and which of their personality disorders do you have? check out my results.

Congratulations! You're Gandalf!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
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i don't know about this one. first of all, i don't think gandalf is a shirker. secondly, gandalf is cool but i'm really nothing like him, i think. i don't think anyone is. he's one of those characters that you're not supposed to relate to.

here's what i think i should have gotten.

Congratulations! You're Sam!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Congratulations! You're Sam!

i am so like this. is there a word for it? insomniacal? yeah? i am so insomniacal. i worry about everything, way too much, and i loose sleep all the time. luckily for me, my body has learned to compensate. i function the best on three to five hours of sleep. i feel right at home at about four. if i get too much (and by too much i mean like seven hours a night three nights in a row) i start freaking out and seeing things and thinking about really weird, disturbing stuff.

maybe i have a super-human brain, and if i get the recommended amount of sleep i am brilliant and can think about and solve all the world's problems, and i can see things for what they really are.... like in the matrix! check it out, if i slept more, i could be the one. but, alas, i don't sleep enough, so my brain is reduced to just slightly-above-average.

maybe it's better this way. ignorance is bliss.

but maybe quizilla is right! maybe i'm just like gandalf- a shirker. and now i'm just trying to make myself seem more important.

who am i kidding? maybe i have too much time to think about all this crap. i need to get a book to take to work with me so i stay away from silly quizzes. that way, while i am toiling away at the mindless, endless tagging i'll have something to think about to occupy the hours... and hours...

Friday, December 26, 2003

Finals Follow-up

you'll never believe this... i hardly did... but i did okay on that last statics test and got an "A" in the course! i'm thinking that not many others got an "A".... except for freakin tom. grrrrrrr...
other than that i got a "B" in chem (yay! i worked hard for that "B"), another "B" in one of my history classes (i was really expecting to do better than that), and "A"s in chem lab (hooray!) and calculus. i'm still waiting for the grade for the movie class to be posted... hopefully that one was a low "A" but i won't be surprized by a high "B". cross your fingers.

Feliz Navidad

merry merry merry christmas!
favorite presents:
from kevin- a mike modano hat! he is so cool...
from carmen- a wizard of oz lunchbox. does she know me or what?
from adam- a battery-powered plane that really flies around my room! hooray!
and best of all... tracy took me to see peter pan!!! i love my erer. she's my favorite.

Monday, December 15, 2003

statics kicked my butt

i just took my first final of the week.... let me tell you about statics class. dr. ghosh assigns really hard homework problems, but give fairly easy tests, especially compared to the other sections. he told me this morning that the final would be easy. we all expected the final to be easy. it SHOULD have been easy.
well, we got spanked. ghosh's philosophy seemed to be "easy test, easy test, easy test, okay now, BEND OVER!!!!" i was looking around the room, hoping and praying that i wasn't the only one who didn't have a clue what was going on. it didn't help that my buddy tom, who was sitting next to me, finished all early and was not freaking out in the least. what's up with smart people anyway?
one more final that's going to suck, and one more paper that won't be a huge blessing either.
oh to be done with school.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003


a lot of my frieds used to live in the guys dorm between my dorm and president's. we used to have bible study in there, because jonny, roger, mike, jd, joel, thomas, starpath, and eric and a bunch of other guys were there. all the boys that used to live there would always say that the entire building is one-hudred year old dry wood, and that someday, no matter what happens, that building was going to burn to the ground.
this year they moved everyone out, saying something about a new office building, and for the whole semester it has been all empty and sad and scary right next to my wall. in the past couple weeks though, they fenced it off and constuction workers began tearing out the walls and such, causing a lot of racket and an incredible eyesore.
WELL, tonight when i came back from studying statics, there was smoke pouring out of the fitch attic and there were fire trucks and an ambulance and police cars and flashing lights and it was SO exciting. i went up to kim's room, because she has a window directly across from the window to the upstairs hall of fitch, and we watched the firemen take a laddar in and punch a huge hole in the ceiling and climb up into the attic and spray stuff with their hoses! they ripped down a huge chunk of ceiling! it was so exciting!
i thought i should call the boys that used to live in fitch and tell them their prophecy was coming true. they were in the middle of bible study. jonny answered the phone and said, "we're praying, what do you want?"
and i said, "fitch is on fire!"
"right now?"
"praise GOD! we'll be there in a second."
so exciting. this completely made my day.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

nine assignments to go before the end of the semester! i could be chipping away at that number right now, but... um... i actually went to smith's and got a new toothbrush and toothpaste and i have been chewing on the toothbrush in between brushing my teeth and bragging to anyone who will listen about my sparkling pearly whites. that's what really started this downward spiral of non-productivity.
SO, here's the thing. yesterday sucked. i woke up from bad dreams, bombed a calc test, and generally had a very very surreal day all around. the power went out (that's surreal at a tech school), the clouds were freaky, i read part of hosea.... wasn't comforting. abandon your whoredoms and return to GOD. anyway, since i was having a bad day, adam suggested that we go to his house to watch a movie and chill out. nothing unusual there. but since i was flipping out, we didn't invite scott. g came instead. (g and scott are murderous enemys. having both in the same room is NOT chilling out.) and now we both feel really guilty and we have to backtrack ourselves and hide and keep secrets and create elaborate lies... just so scott won't find out we ditched him. it's crazy. i wrote some notes for chem class on some of adam's coffee paper, which, if you have ever seen coffee paper, you know, is probably the most recognizable paper in the world. now adam's saying that we'll have to come up with a story about how i just happened to come across adam's paper at dinner and it had nothing to do with my wherabouts last night. this is nuts.
but other than the sneaking around, last night was awesome. we watched dirty rotten scoundrels, which i had seen but adam had not (i don't think g payed attention), ate oven pizza and drank peach bubbly. hurrah for adam! he's such a good buddy.

Thursday, December 04, 2003


okay, i talked to my little sister on the phone right before i took a long, much-needed nap. i dreamed that she was home, and everyone in my family was bringing her all this food. everything she ate was replaced by something that looked even better, tons and tons of food. i was sitting there watching her eat everything and starving and hoping someone would bring ME something to eat, but no such. there weren't two and anything, and tracy had to try everything. i asked her if i could eat a slice of pie that was sitting off to the side, but she said i couldn't, because she was too hungry, and i should be nice and not bug her because she hadn't been home in four months.
what a weird dream. my house looked weird.

(alexendar is the name of my printer)

Devil64: alexander is tired... i need to go print these out at weir
greasewood: haha
greasewood: too early for alexander?
Devil64: well, he did one page okay
Devil64: i guess that's all he had in him

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

astrogirl: did you get my voicemail about adam's birthday dinner tonight at the brew pub at 6:30pm?
Devil64: yeah i did... i think scott wanted to go, but he doesn't think he is invited
astrogirl: actually, i just don't have his phone number. i was going to ask you for it.
Devil64: 6565

Ragerder: ha, i got an official invite to the brew pub
Ragerder: :-)
Devil64: lucky you

Monday, December 01, 2003

greasewood: when time did you last eat at?
Devil64: around lunchtime... oh except carmen fed me a rotten cream puff
Devil64: i may be dead by morning
Devil64: it was really bad
greasewood: you ate the rotten cream puff?
Devil64: yeah i did
greasewood: that would stink if you were dead by morning
Devil64: well, it prolly wouldn't stink in the morning... but later in the week, yeah
Devil64: :-)