Saturday, November 19, 2005

4 days

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i will see paul in four days. today i watched the bonus dvd that came with my new cd and made one of my banners for the concert. it says, "it's my birthday! blow a kiss?" i made a t shirt too. i'm so excited. it's all i really think about. i'm happy. :)

the hockey game that i had today went nothing like i expected. first of all, pete was there. it's next week that he can't come. i guess i was confused on that fact. second, switzer wasn't there, along with most of his team. the poor guys had no subs. third, teague wasn't there, which meant we had no goalie.

which posed all kinds of problems.

basically it came down to me or collin playing goalie, and i was the "lucky" winner. so i found myself suiting up for the first time in four years. i was terrified. i told the guys how horrible i was. when i skated out to warm up, i let the ball roll right past me into the goal, and yelled, "see! that's not unusual!" i thought i was done for. right before the ref dropped the ball, i said to clifton, "well, even if i suck, i'm going to see paul mccartney in four days, so it'll be okay." he thought that was funny.

get this: we creamed 'em. i made eleven saves and only gave up one goal. before you're impressed by that, let me tell you that my team played awesome defense. they hardly let the other team shoot at all. i've never seen them play so well. their passing was amazing, their defense was nearly flawless, they were talking, their shots were accurate... collin in particular saved me several times, but pete and clifton did outstanding also. i may just play goalie all the time if they're going to protect me like that.

the other team however, didn't come together quite as well on defense, obviously had very few offensive chances, and wore themselves out because they had no subs. poor guys.... i've been there. our final score was somewhere between 15 and 17. incredible. so much for me calling the game. hugo's team lost to kevin's team (but not before hugo scored at beautiful goal for me), so we're playing kevin's team for the championship next week. we'll see how that goes.

at the end of my game, i was thinking, wow... i did well at goalie and i get to see paul mccartney.

life is so awesome sometimes.

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