Tuesday, November 29, 2005

it's freezing!

no, really!

i didn't get much into my weekend in cruces in my last post because, let's face it, that beast was long enough already. but the weather was beautiful, even more so than in phoenix. it was in the high 70s during the day. these gorgeous, no-jacket, bordering on wear-your-sunscreen days tragically ended on sunday, when we woke up to howling winds and went to sleep when it was about 25 degrees outside.

and socorro is freezing too! steve put weather stripping in all the doors and there are towels along the doorstops and windows. why does it have to be so cold?

two more weeks of school. i can't wait. the controlls homework tonight was gnarly, even jon didn't finish, although he's futher along than josh and myself. bloody homework! two more weeks seems like an eternity, especially with all the final projects and tests and presentations, not to mention the last-minute material that the teachers are trying to cram down our throats because they're freakin' out thinking we haven't learned enough. grrrrr.....

but it's okay, because sir paul blew me a kiss. :)

it feels weird not posting a picture for the first time in oh, three weeks, so i thought you might like to take a look at the sweet ride that adam and i were driving around in phoenix. we got some really dirty looks from other drivers, but we still had lots of fun. this is a sexy little car. it matches my hair.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005


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thought i died, didn't you?

well, i'm still alive, probably due to the papaya pills i was popping all night. i love paul! but let me start from the beginning. i'll try to keep it short, but.... oh, come on. get real. by the way, the pictures are supplied by dex, my new camera, which was a present from adam and carmelita.

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adam and i got to the glendale arena at three o'clock (about five hours early) and found it pretty vacant. adam left to get coffee and i hung around making friends with all the security guards, trying to figure out if i could bring in my banners or if i had to sneak them in. i was wearing a shirt that said "it's my birthday" on the front and "i (heart) paul" on the back. most of the security guards looked at my banners a little skeptically, but the tour crew kept coming up to me and saying, "good job! paul loves those banners!"

the tour crew turned out to be a lot more friendly and talkative than the guards, so i chatted with them for a long time too. they were really nice to me, probably because of my t-shirt, and kept giving me "tips" on when paul was going to get there and where i should wait for him to get a snapshot. paul got to the arena at six. i was standing with a group of a dozen or so fans and watched him get out of his lexus. he was wearing a white suit. i was snapping pictures, but i didn't expect to actually get a picture of him. i was more hoping that he would see the flashes and look up and wave, but he was running late, so he went straight inside. i was so excited, i called my dad right away and said, "dad! i just saw sir paul!" here's a picture of the line of black lexuses outside the arena.

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by this time adam was back, and he waited in line with me. the people around me in line wished me happy birthday and admired my shirt and banners, and the lady behind me snapped the picture below. it turned out that the banners were allowed, but a guard told me to leave the wooden dowels that i used to support the sides in the car. i just couldn't do that. i tied them to the inside of my leg with the shoelaces that i was carrying in my pocket for that very reason. i felt really bad about tricking those nice security guards, but i did anyway. i got in just fine. adam told me he'd meet me by the lexus display after the show, and then he left and then i was inside, on my own, thinking "come on stomach! don't flip out!" and all my papaya was gone.

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i found my seat among several "happy birthday"s and a few high-fives. everyone loved my shirt. my seat was pretty awesome, but there really are no bad seats in the glendale arena. i had a lot of fun talking to the people sitting next to me. they were all really excited and friendly. the show started, and paul came out singing, "magical mystery tour". i went crazy! it was so much fun.

the problem was that the people around me weren't nearly as excited as i was, and i felt bad about standing up and cheering when they were sitting and trying to be mellow. so i scoped the place out. about fifteen rows ahead of me, right on the isle in row G, there was a group of women who were jamming out the entire time. they never sat down. so during "i will", i went and stood next to them in the isle, and they greeted me like a long lost sister. all the people around them wished me happy birthday and ignored the guard giving me the evil eye. standing with them was a lot more fun.

when they figured out i had banners, they were all over me to hold them up. when paul started playing "follow me" i grabbed my banner and held it in front of my chest in the isle, where i could be easily seen by the stage, and sang my heart out. after a minute or two, i realized i was up on the big wall, the "follow me follow me" very visible for everyone to see. yay! after that song, paul thanked the crowd for all the "follow me" signs, but i don't know if he saw mine or not.

from then on, between every song or whenever the lights came up, i would grab my other banner, the one that said, "it's my birthday! blow a kiss?" and hold it up in hopes that paul would see it. the people around me were wonderful, they were so patient with my huge banner and were so encouraging. every time another song started and i ran back to my spot, they would say, "keep trying!" a few of them even tried to help me out, yelling, "paul, look over here!" i kept trying and trying, but no good.

finally, after one song, i glanced at rusty (one of the guitar players) and found him looking right at me. when i looked up, he blew me a kiss! yay! i jumped up and down and waited for him to point my sign out to paul, but he didn't. so i kept trying.

as the show progressed my chances of getting my banner seen were getting slimmer. there was less time and less talking between songs, as the songs were getting more and more popular and dramatic. i still didn't want to hold it up during the songs because i didn't want to block out the show for anyone, and i knew i probably wasn't going to get seen with out the lights up. i started to loose heart.

then, during "hey jude", paul got up from the piano and started "directing" the audience through the na-na-nas. you know... first the guys sing it, then the girls, then the balcony, and so on. the lights came up on the audience and paul was looking around at everyone and i figured, screw it, and up went my exceptionally large banner. and PAUL SAW IT!

and he blew me a huge flamboyant kiss. i freaked out. all the ladies around me freaked out. all the people around the ladies called, "did you see that? he blew you a kiss!" we screamed, beatlemania-style. next thing i know, i was back on the big wall. this time i turned around so the back of my shirt was showing. i checked over my shoulder, and "i (heart) paul" was visible above the band. yay! yay! yay!

when "hey jude" was over, he looked right at me and blew ANOTHER KISS! same reaction. and then and the end of the set, before the first encore when the band was leaving the stage, paul looked at me again and blew ANOTHER KISS! i was going crazy. brian, his other guitar guy, saw him and blew me a kiss also. it was so much fun! all the ladies gave me hugs and tons of people around me were leaving their seats to congratulate me and wish me happy birthday. oh my gosh, it was so perfect.

after that, you know, i could die happy. i didn't need anything else. the two encores were awesome, with song like "get back", "let it be", "sgt. pepper" and "yesterday", but i already got what i wanted. at the very end, i watched people throw things up on the stage for paul to sign. i had my liner notes and a sharpie in my back packet, just in case, but i was just fine. paul blew me a kiss.

after the show when everyone was milling around, so many people came up to me to wish me happy birthday, and they said things like, "ooh! we saw you on the big wall!" or "great job!" or "we hoped that he would see you!" one guy even told me how he thought it was cool that i turned around to show the back of my shirt. sweet. seriously, paul mccartney has the best fans in the whole world. they were all SO nice. and i ran into most of the tour crew after the show, too, and they all said, "see? he blew you a kiss! we told you!" hooray!

and of course it was SO freakin SWEET to hear so many awesome beatles songs. "got to get you into my life" was so much fun, and i sang the entirety of "yesterday" with my arms around the ladies that adopted me into their seats. "till there was you" and "let me roll it" were my other favorites. it was so much fun.

when i got back to adam's uncle's house, i wrote scuba a message saying i was going to bake him a cake, every day, three times a day, for the rest of my life. i saw paul. and you know what? he saw me!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

one day! one day! one day!

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i got one day kids! i'm FREAKIN OUT!

so i thought an appropriate picture for the last day of my countday would be the picture i told you about... the one on the cover of the new cd that i bought. the opening line to one of the songs is "looking though the backyard of my life..." i wonder if there's a connection or not. hmm.

so my grandparents are going to be here any minute to take my car to las cruces. already today i packed both sets of bags, and finished my t-shirt, made the brownies for my hockey buddies, AND went to class (how goody-goody of me), and now i'm just kind of freaking out thinking about what i could have forgotten. oh, and i'm saying good-by to my computer. it's going to las cruces with the car, so don't expect a post for day zero. or day after...

i still have to run some errands and dye my hair. wow...

i'm going to see paul tomorrow! i'm so stoked! i'm really happy, this is so great. it's nice to tell people i'm doing great when they ask, and actually mean it, too. i haven't been sad about mike in like a whole week. that's huge. yay! scuba is the coolest person EVER. i think i'll bake him a cake.

so adam and i are leaving as soon as he's done with his senior design presentations, and then we're going to albuquerque to catch our flight, and then we're having a driver and a lincoln town car pick us up at the airport in phoenix. of course, we're staying at his uncle's house and we're going to drive around phoenix in the family beamer. sweet. and we're going to go see harry potter.

and then i'm going to see paul mccartney!!! hooray!!! yes, this is going to be awesome. i hope i don't die of excitement. but if i do, it will be okay. i will die a happy girl.

yeah, sorry i'm so all over the place right now, but as you can tell i've got several things running through my mind. forgive me please. i don't even know if any of this made sense at all. this is not the day for good writing. it's the day for good music.

i'm so happy.

2 days

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well, wimping out on the take-home mechatronics test to make t-shirts and banners this weekend turned out to be something of a mistake... but not a horrible one. i got home from josh's house a little while ago, where josh, adam, jake, jon and i did homework, worked on the test, watched movies, ate pizza, and drank beer. well, josh, adam and jake drank beer. jon opted not to and i tried some of what those boys called "awesome", and it tasted like insecticide to me. beer is gross.

i have SO much to do before my flight leaves tomorrow! heck, i have so much to do before i go to bed tonight! i have one homework assignment that isn't finished (thank GOD i know the grader and can turn it in late) and another that i haven't even started (that WILL be done by morning). and i still have to dye my hair and pack up my car and get ready for the flight and put the finishing touches on the shirt i messed up on and clean out my room... and talk to my boss and get my paycheck and fill out a time card... oh, and go to class. maybe.

i'm so excited! i thought i couldn't shut up about it before, but today i'd be halfway through saying something about the concert or the beatles or sir paul (or my AWESOME beatles jackets that i found at wal mart for $17 each) before i even realize what i'm doing! luckily jake adam and josh were a little too buzzed to be annoyed with me tonight, and jon... well, hopefully he'll still talk to me tomorrow.

yeah, i got a yellow yellow submarine jacket in las cruces and then a brown sargent pepper's jacket in socorro. they are SO COOL! they are my new favorite things. i love them.

and oh yeah, i got my birthday present from my grandmother today. it's the new paul mccartney cd... and i think i told her over the phone the other day that i already have it. whoops... but it was a perfect oresent other than that!

oh yeah, my birthday's coming up. funny how it's getting overshadowed by the awesomeness that is the day before my birthday.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

3 days

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paul's a cutie.

today i skipped church o stay home and paint more banners and tshirts. my dad cut up a dowel for me to slip inside the edges of the banners so i can hold them over my head by myself. the second banner says, "follow me" twice, once in black and once in red. in one of paul's new songs, one that he's playing at the concert, the line is, "you hold up a sign that reads 'follow me'". so that's where that came from. i'm SO EXCITED!

i'm driving back at six tomorrow morning, and i'll spend all afternoon working on the mechatronics take-home test. i hope i can finish it! with the concert so close, everything is back burner in my mind, but i could really use a good grade on this test. school will still be around after the concert.

that is if i don't die from excitement. i actually wrote a will today. josh gets my stereo as long as he had absolutely nothing to do with my death. and jon gets my car. and the list goes on, but i'm really, really tired. it's time for bed.

and when i wake up, the concert will only be two days away.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

4 days

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i will see paul in four days. today i watched the bonus dvd that came with my new cd and made one of my banners for the concert. it says, "it's my birthday! blow a kiss?" i made a t shirt too. i'm so excited. it's all i really think about. i'm happy. :)

the hockey game that i had today went nothing like i expected. first of all, pete was there. it's next week that he can't come. i guess i was confused on that fact. second, switzer wasn't there, along with most of his team. the poor guys had no subs. third, teague wasn't there, which meant we had no goalie.

which posed all kinds of problems.

basically it came down to me or collin playing goalie, and i was the "lucky" winner. so i found myself suiting up for the first time in four years. i was terrified. i told the guys how horrible i was. when i skated out to warm up, i let the ball roll right past me into the goal, and yelled, "see! that's not unusual!" i thought i was done for. right before the ref dropped the ball, i said to clifton, "well, even if i suck, i'm going to see paul mccartney in four days, so it'll be okay." he thought that was funny.

get this: we creamed 'em. i made eleven saves and only gave up one goal. before you're impressed by that, let me tell you that my team played awesome defense. they hardly let the other team shoot at all. i've never seen them play so well. their passing was amazing, their defense was nearly flawless, they were talking, their shots were accurate... collin in particular saved me several times, but pete and clifton did outstanding also. i may just play goalie all the time if they're going to protect me like that.

the other team however, didn't come together quite as well on defense, obviously had very few offensive chances, and wore themselves out because they had no subs. poor guys.... i've been there. our final score was somewhere between 15 and 17. incredible. so much for me calling the game. hugo's team lost to kevin's team (but not before hugo scored at beautiful goal for me), so we're playing kevin's team for the championship next week. we'll see how that goes.

at the end of my game, i was thinking, wow... i did well at goalie and i get to see paul mccartney.

life is so awesome sometimes.

Friday, November 18, 2005

5 days

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yesterday was yet another busy thursday, and i didn't get a chance to write anything about my six-day mark. i had class until after six, and then a design meeting, and then i went to scott's birthday barbeque, and then i went to josh's house to watch harry potter three.... ahem... i mean study for the civil test. excuse me. after "studying", josh, jon, scott and i laughed at adam for about forty minutes straight. that was great fun. i miss just hanging out with people.

but anyway, that brings us to day five. civil test and eclipse meeting under my belt, i am ready for the weekend. as we speak (or... you know what i mean), i am transfering the new mccartney cd and the live two-disk set from his last US tour onto my shuffle so i can listen to it all the way home. at least half of my playlist this week will be the beatles, paul, and george. i'm stoked.

tomorrow is the first weekend of the tournament. my team ended in last place (don't laugh! there are only four teams, it's not that bad) so we're going to have to play the first-seated team, ken switzer's team. switzer is the best player in the league. i've studied his playing style for years, and the only way to stop him is to take advantage of the fact that he's one of the smaller guys and knock him over. which isn't really classy. or allowed. so that's bad news. this team also has not one, but two of the best goalies in the league. and on top of that, pete, who is one of our best players, is not going to make to to the game. we're totally screwed. there's no way we're going to pull this off.

but it's okay, because i'm going to see paul mccartney in five days. last night, scuba said, "wow, you'll probably be happy for like a whole week after this concert."

and i said, "no scuba. i'll be happy forever."

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

7 days

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one week! one week! one week!

i'm a bad friend. today is scott's birthday. but much more importantly, today marks seven days until the moment when i get to see sir paul! yay! jake and i took scott out to dinner. that was nice... except i kept looking at my watch and saying, "oooh, in one week and five minutes, the concert is going to be starting!" or "know where i'll be next week? i'll be in the same room as paul mccartney!"

poor scott! how annoying of me. but i can't help it! i'm so excited! i really can't shut up about this. i keep thinking of all the things i need to do, like dye my hair purple again and make myself a t-shirt and a banner or two and print off the plane tickets and figure out what time he's getting to the arena so i can stand outside and yell "i love you paul!"

it does make me feel a little better when i realize that this concert is also more important to me than my own birthday. if you notice, i'm counting down to the show, not to my big # 22. who cares about birthdays? i've had lots of those. this will be a once-in-a-lifetimer. and i'm so very excited.

you can't tell, can you?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

8 days

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it's freakin freezing mr. bigglesworth!

so my aunt keeps asking me what i want to eat on thanksgiving (which is my birthday). she feels sorry for me because i always get screwed on my birthday when it comes to food and turkey and relatives and stuff, and she knows i hate eating leftover thanksgiving food instead of pizza and cake, year after year.

our conversations have been funny lately, because she's really concerned about making everyone happy. "now, do you want to eat turkey with the rest of us? or i could make you something else? or you don't have to come at all! or we could have thanksgiving for lunch and then birthday for dinner! or whatever you want! what do you think?" very nice of her, but i don't want her to stress out. i finally just told her, barb, i'm going to see paul mccarney. i don't care what we eat! i'm going to be happy!

and it's true! honestly, if we have a thanksgiving meal of beenie weenies, i will still be one happy girl. i will eat whatever i am told to eat.

that is if i'm not still to excited to eat.

Monday, November 14, 2005

9 days

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okay, i have got to get this stomach thing under control before i go to phoenix. this is rediculous. i feel like i've been kicked really, really hard in the gut. it's very uncomfortable.

this weekend i bought the new paul mccartney cd so i could be up-to-date on his new songs, and tonight i listened to it with jon and josh over some controls homework. the album cover has the most adorable picture of a very young paul playing the guitar in what looks like someone's backyard. it's quite artistic. far from finishing our homework, we started talking about what i could do to get the picture signed and such... well, my nerves were shot before that. and now i'm paying for it. why can't i just relax?!?

in case you're wondering, the controls homework did not go well. we all gave up, even jon the invincible. in fact, three out of four of our questions are still unanswered, and one isn't really even started.

i can't sleep when my homework's not done. and heaven knows i can't sleep thinking about the you-know-what coming up in nine days. that means i'm going to try really hard to distract myself with my book of the moment, harry potter and the order of the phoenix. uh oh, phoenix! that's in arizona! i'm going there! in nine days! so is paul mccartney!

don't say concert!

i said concert.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

10 days

yeah, that's right. i skipped the eleven-day mark. but it's really hard for me to post on saturdays, seeing as i'm scorekeeping and statisticianing all day long. but i made up for it by telling everyone who would stop to listen, "know what i'm doing in eleven days?"

another loss for team canada. teague gave up a couple flukey goals early on that we couldn't seem to recover from, but i think we played pretty well. the other team (kevin's team) did well also, it was a fun game. i got a penalty for "tripping" peanut that was a little bogus... but whatever. collin continues to impress me with his work ethic, the kid was exhausted. and of course dinger played great. the weird thing is that rick is being super nice... to everyone. i don't understand it, but it's a welcome change.

and we have a new teammate! well, as "new" as a league veteran can be. clifton may actually have been playing longer than i have, and that's saying something. he left for the marines four years ago, and suddenly showed up last week, looking for a team. lucky me, we got him. i say "lucky" because he's really good, and because he's an old friend and i missed him! i'm glad he's back.

yesterday i got goals from lee, phil, eric, danny, and joe. the one from joe was cool, because he usually plays goalie, so he obviously doesn't doesn't score very often. i think he has four goals this season. and one of them is mine, hooray! hugo didn't score at all yesterday, but i don't feel sorry for him because he totally ditched me to go to starbucks.

and of course i took every opportunity to tell everyone at hockey yesterday and at church this morning what my thanksgiving plans include. i can't shut up about sir paul. yay, sir paul! today i went to the store and bought some blank t-shirts to write, "it's my birthday" on. i'm so excited!

and is this not the most adorable picture you've ever seen?

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Friday, November 11, 2005

12 days

so it's come to this.... i saw mike twice today, and both times he acknowledged the person i was walking with (josh and adam, respectively) but looked right through me. what a jerk. and i know for a fact that he hates when people do that. he thinks it's low. or he used to... i don't really know him anymore, i guess.

that's the bad news. the good news is that it's an absolutely gorgeous day, the town of socorro looks beautiful in it's various autumn colors, i'm driving home to las cruces as soon as i'm done typing this post, and i'm going to see paul mccartney in twelve days. let's examine these a little more closely, shall we?

1.) it's a gorgeous day.
who would have thought? it went from being boiling summer to freezing winter in one day (see previous posts) to being really nice outside. it's amazing! i love not needing a jacket! it makes me happy!

2.) beautiful autumn colors!
i've always liked the socorro autumn scene better than that in las cruces, because the leaves actually change color up here. in las cruces, it freezes once and all the leaves are gone in one day. here, the local inhabitants enjoy several weeks of lovely fall foilage (how'd you like that propaganda?). but seriously, i'm really enjoying it because last year we didn't have fall, we had a hailstorm in october that broke all the trees. consequently, there weren't any leaves to change. very sad. but there's this beautiful tree between the library and the mechanical building that i pass every morning on my way to school... it's awesome. i don't know what kind of tree it is, but it has just about every color. i made josh take a picture.

3.) las cruces!!!!
well, 'nuff said there. no school! no group priorities! no homework! no silent-treatment back-stabbing roommate! no cowardly ex-boyfriend!
and the pros: sister! brothers! cousin! aunt, uncle, parents, grandparents! doggie!!!!! hockey! church! friends! shopping! food! entertainment!
i think you get the idea.

4.) paul mccartney in twelve days
last night i told christian about the concert, and he started asking me all the detail questions, like he thought he was going to go. riiiiiiiight.... i told him there was still a ticket in the front row going for $11,000. i think he thought i was kidding. but i wasn't.
today i told rosemary, the meche secretary, that i was going to the concert that i talked about all summer. she said she couldn't believe it and started talking about the beegees.
my grandparents stopped in town today and we all excited for me, and they told me about all the doll shops in glenndale. that's when a trip becomes reality for me, when my grandparents tell me about the antique stores. that means i'm really going. i'm really going!

and here's a parting shot for your viewing pleasure.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

13 days

thursdays suck in general, but this one was particularly gnarly. i walked to school at 9:15 and had class straight until 5:45. that's right. eight and a half hours of nothing but class. no lunch, no nap, no dinner...

oddly enough, i found myself smiling a lot today. it's no secret that this has been my hardest semester, so i'm not as smiley as i have been in the past. but today, i felt a little bit more like myself. let me explain.

if anyone wears her heart on her sleeve, it's me. there is no buffer between my emotions and my facial expressions. sometimes i can fake it, but only when i'm in the zone. this semester, the things on my mind have been hockey, school, and mike. hockey's good. school is pretty dismal. mike is heartbreaking and depressing and really makes me angry. unfortunately, i still think about him quite a bit. and it totally shows.

today, every thought of "sir paul" had me grinning like a dorky little kid. i'm really going to go! it's so exciting! i keep day dreaming about the many ways i could "happen" to end up backstange and stuff like that. every mention of thanksgiving set me off. that's a first! i usually hate thanksgiving. anyway, today my mind hit "sir paul" many more times than it hit "mike". i found myself smiling more often than i was frowning. it's a start.

yesterday, dr. marshal told us that lab was cancelled on the day before thanksgiving. my brain immediatly chattered, "the day before thanksgiving? where will i be the day before thanksgiving? i'll be at the show. yay, the show, the show! the paul show!" that did it. i had a huge smile on my face. he saw me and said, "oh, try not to look so happy! trust me, i'm happier than you are!"

yeah right. i'm the happiest. :)

so i'm happy to report that even though i spent most of yesterday blissfully picturing paul mccartney singing me happy birthday instead of studying, i think i did really well on my machine design test. actually, i think i kicked it in the junk. hurray!

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

new outlook on thanksgiving

i feel like i'm neglecting you, little blog.

last night i bought my plane ticket.... i'm really going to see paul mccartney! after i bought it, it really started to hit me. and my stomach is already upset. i'm going to have to figure out how to beat this before i go to the concert... in two weeks!

adam and i are flying out of albuquerque on tuesday night, staying at his unlce's house until thursday morning, and then i'm flying to el paso and he's going back to albuquerque. this is turning out to be just perfect. i get to go to the concert, hang out with adam, AND go to the annual LCIHA thanksgiving pick-up hockey game. oh, AND my aunt and uncle are hosting thanksgiving this year, and i hear they're putting green chile in everything. i'm so excited.

here's what's on my mind:

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

now let's see if i can study for my machine design test tomorrow. yeah right.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

can it be?

okay, quick update:
halloween rocked. it was lots of fun. again, for details, check out my uncle's website and click on the link for the mausoleum page. of course, we had the kids that were brats, but the majority of them had a blast.

and then on tuesday morning i came back to school... by tuesday afternoon i was ready to drop out. i hate school, i hate school, i hate school! it's amazing how just being in socorro makes me miserable, and how a huge weight is lifted from my shoulders when i get to las cruces.

but enough about that. here's the real reason i'm writing. let's see, how well do you know me? what do i want for my birthday? what do i want reallyreallyreally badly?

so scuba came over yesterday and handed me a ticket to the paul mccartney concert in phoenix on the day before my birthday. he bought a $700 seat for $200. and he gave it to me, saying he knew i was having a rough semester and he thought he'd give me a chance to go, seeing as i've been talking about it since, oh, april. i checked out the seat. it's not bad. not amazing, but not bad.

i was super freaked out. i hadn't slept at all the night before, thanks to good ol homework, so i wasn't really in any condition to express my thanks. add to that the immediate guard wall that went up and the voice in my head that yelled, "do NOT get excited. this can't be as good as you think." i didn't really know what to say, so i kind of babbled about stuff.

he left and i called adam. he freaked. i read all the reports on the shows so far in the tour. i found as many picture of the inside of glendale arena as i could, making sure that i'll be able to see sir paul. i got excited. i called my dad. carmen came home. she freaked. even after all that, i don't think it's really hit me yet... i'm going to see paul mccartney! can it be? am i going to wake up and find that this is a cruel dream?

it's been one day. josh says he's already sick of hearing me talk about this concert. he says he'd rather have massive amounts of homework to do that listen to me talk about paul mccartney for two weeks. two and a half, i remind him. that's another thing- how am i going to stand this for two and a half weeks? i have problems with anxiousness, i get really sick! how am i going to get anything done? i have three, maybe four tests between now and then. is this the end of my college carrer?

i don't care if it is. i'm going to the concert.