Sunday, November 13, 2005

10 days

yeah, that's right. i skipped the eleven-day mark. but it's really hard for me to post on saturdays, seeing as i'm scorekeeping and statisticianing all day long. but i made up for it by telling everyone who would stop to listen, "know what i'm doing in eleven days?"

another loss for team canada. teague gave up a couple flukey goals early on that we couldn't seem to recover from, but i think we played pretty well. the other team (kevin's team) did well also, it was a fun game. i got a penalty for "tripping" peanut that was a little bogus... but whatever. collin continues to impress me with his work ethic, the kid was exhausted. and of course dinger played great. the weird thing is that rick is being super nice... to everyone. i don't understand it, but it's a welcome change.

and we have a new teammate! well, as "new" as a league veteran can be. clifton may actually have been playing longer than i have, and that's saying something. he left for the marines four years ago, and suddenly showed up last week, looking for a team. lucky me, we got him. i say "lucky" because he's really good, and because he's an old friend and i missed him! i'm glad he's back.

yesterday i got goals from lee, phil, eric, danny, and joe. the one from joe was cool, because he usually plays goalie, so he obviously doesn't doesn't score very often. i think he has four goals this season. and one of them is mine, hooray! hugo didn't score at all yesterday, but i don't feel sorry for him because he totally ditched me to go to starbucks.

and of course i took every opportunity to tell everyone at hockey yesterday and at church this morning what my thanksgiving plans include. i can't shut up about sir paul. yay, sir paul! today i went to the store and bought some blank t-shirts to write, "it's my birthday" on. i'm so excited!

and is this not the most adorable picture you've ever seen?

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