Thursday, November 10, 2005

13 days

thursdays suck in general, but this one was particularly gnarly. i walked to school at 9:15 and had class straight until 5:45. that's right. eight and a half hours of nothing but class. no lunch, no nap, no dinner...

oddly enough, i found myself smiling a lot today. it's no secret that this has been my hardest semester, so i'm not as smiley as i have been in the past. but today, i felt a little bit more like myself. let me explain.

if anyone wears her heart on her sleeve, it's me. there is no buffer between my emotions and my facial expressions. sometimes i can fake it, but only when i'm in the zone. this semester, the things on my mind have been hockey, school, and mike. hockey's good. school is pretty dismal. mike is heartbreaking and depressing and really makes me angry. unfortunately, i still think about him quite a bit. and it totally shows.

today, every thought of "sir paul" had me grinning like a dorky little kid. i'm really going to go! it's so exciting! i keep day dreaming about the many ways i could "happen" to end up backstange and stuff like that. every mention of thanksgiving set me off. that's a first! i usually hate thanksgiving. anyway, today my mind hit "sir paul" many more times than it hit "mike". i found myself smiling more often than i was frowning. it's a start.

yesterday, dr. marshal told us that lab was cancelled on the day before thanksgiving. my brain immediatly chattered, "the day before thanksgiving? where will i be the day before thanksgiving? i'll be at the show. yay, the show, the show! the paul show!" that did it. i had a huge smile on my face. he saw me and said, "oh, try not to look so happy! trust me, i'm happier than you are!"

yeah right. i'm the happiest. :)

so i'm happy to report that even though i spent most of yesterday blissfully picturing paul mccartney singing me happy birthday instead of studying, i think i did really well on my machine design test. actually, i think i kicked it in the junk. hurray!

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