Tuesday, November 15, 2005

8 days

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it's freakin freezing mr. bigglesworth!

so my aunt keeps asking me what i want to eat on thanksgiving (which is my birthday). she feels sorry for me because i always get screwed on my birthday when it comes to food and turkey and relatives and stuff, and she knows i hate eating leftover thanksgiving food instead of pizza and cake, year after year.

our conversations have been funny lately, because she's really concerned about making everyone happy. "now, do you want to eat turkey with the rest of us? or i could make you something else? or you don't have to come at all! or we could have thanksgiving for lunch and then birthday for dinner! or whatever you want! what do you think?" very nice of her, but i don't want her to stress out. i finally just told her, barb, i'm going to see paul mccarney. i don't care what we eat! i'm going to be happy!

and it's true! honestly, if we have a thanksgiving meal of beenie weenies, i will still be one happy girl. i will eat whatever i am told to eat.

that is if i'm not still to excited to eat.

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