Friday, November 18, 2005

5 days

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yesterday was yet another busy thursday, and i didn't get a chance to write anything about my six-day mark. i had class until after six, and then a design meeting, and then i went to scott's birthday barbeque, and then i went to josh's house to watch harry potter three.... ahem... i mean study for the civil test. excuse me. after "studying", josh, jon, scott and i laughed at adam for about forty minutes straight. that was great fun. i miss just hanging out with people.

but anyway, that brings us to day five. civil test and eclipse meeting under my belt, i am ready for the weekend. as we speak (or... you know what i mean), i am transfering the new mccartney cd and the live two-disk set from his last US tour onto my shuffle so i can listen to it all the way home. at least half of my playlist this week will be the beatles, paul, and george. i'm stoked.

tomorrow is the first weekend of the tournament. my team ended in last place (don't laugh! there are only four teams, it's not that bad) so we're going to have to play the first-seated team, ken switzer's team. switzer is the best player in the league. i've studied his playing style for years, and the only way to stop him is to take advantage of the fact that he's one of the smaller guys and knock him over. which isn't really classy. or allowed. so that's bad news. this team also has not one, but two of the best goalies in the league. and on top of that, pete, who is one of our best players, is not going to make to to the game. we're totally screwed. there's no way we're going to pull this off.

but it's okay, because i'm going to see paul mccartney in five days. last night, scuba said, "wow, you'll probably be happy for like a whole week after this concert."

and i said, "no scuba. i'll be happy forever."

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