Monday, September 25, 2006

everybody's doing it

seriously, these "first ten songs" posts are getting out of hand. i first saw that adam had done this, and i thought, wow, list the next ten songs that your ipod plays, what a neat and original idea, but now everyone has one. what's that? you don't have one? oh my god, you're a total loser and you should either a) go to your blog and write down your ten songs immediately before anyone notices how out-of-the-loop your are, or b) stop reading my blog, because i don't think we can be friends if you haven't jumped on this bandwagon. for real.

so anyway, you guys know by now that i'm a bit sarcastic. and maybe a little hypocritical. so while i usually dislike the "everybody's doing it" mentality.... okay, this ipod thing was a really good idea, and it's fun, and it's easy, and i think you can tell a lot about a person by her music, so here i go. this may be cheating a little bit, because i only have an ishuffle, so my selection is much more narrow and i'm therefore much more likely to get the awesome songs that will make everyone jealous, but i promise you, somewhere on this little baby is a very sappy michael jackson song that was quite popular ten years ago among middle-school girls, and even then it wasn't cool. if if comes up, it comes up. here goes:

1. The Beatles - "Hey Bulldog" (yeeeesssssssss, my first song rocks!)

2. Pete Yorn - "Ever Fallen in Love"

3. Paul Young - "Everytime you go Away" (stop laughing, this song is fun.)

4. Frou Frou - "Holding Out for a Hero"

5. Yes - "I Would have Waited Forever" (suh-weet!)

6. Billy Idol - "Hot in the City"

7. Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean" (that was close)

8. Thompson Twins - "Hold Me Now"

9. Queen - "Somebody to Love"

10. The Beatles - "Why Don't We Do It in the Road"

dude, i'm so cool, my songs rock! especially that last one. i really think that if the lyrics were different (as in, something other than "why don't we do it in the road, why don't we do it in the road, why don't we do it in the road, why don't we do it in the road, no one will be watching us, why don't we do it in the road?"), it could be the greatest rock song EVER. the beat at the beggining... just... brilliant. oh, and by the way, did you know that the only two beatles who actually worked on that song were ringo and paul? but doesn't it seem like a john song?!? well it's not!!! see, you learn things every day. bandwagons rule!

looking over the rest of my songs... hmm, i'm holding out for a hero, looking for somebody to love, waiting forever... man, this is sort of depressing. but then again, there is billy idol. and hey bulldog.

oh my gosh! my #11 song is the strongbad techno. too bad i can't write that on my list. that would be cheating.

(get it? CHEATing?!? ha! i'm funny.)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

i'm totally jazzed

i went to my interview for puget sound yesterday. i wasn't too nervous, because i was wearing a beatles shirt.

rus the recruiter first had me fill out a paper with my address and email and stuff, even though i'd given him my resume and transcript the day before and i'm pretty sure i put all that information right at the top, all nice and neat. but anyway... then he said to me, "i want to bring you out to bremerton for a site visit and i want to get you a job offer, because a person with your background and your grades and enthusiasm is exactly what we're looking for."

and all my insides did this elaborate happy dance and kicked up their heels (my stomach has heels, doesn't yours?) and sang for joy, and my outsides smiled and said, "oh, hooray!"

then rus told me about the things that engineers do on the base, like some work with cranes and some are in planning and development, and then he told me that he thought i'd probably work on the nuclear reactor, because the powers that be want students like me (!) working on the nuc side. i told him that i didn't really know anything about nuclear reactors, but he said that they'd still want me, and that the nuc side usually "picks from the top" at the hiring meetings, and that i was at the top.

i cannot tell you how pumped i am about this. i've been walking on air ever since. i'm so excited! rus said that he'd get back to me within three weeks to set up a time for me to go up there. yay! i called kat and josh last night, and they were excited too! kat said that rus said the same thing to her last year. both of them were trying to figure out if i'm going to be working on the nuc side (with kat) or the non-nuc side (with josh). apparently there's a bit of a rivalry between the two sides, and both of them were trying to convince me that their side is better.

i can't believe this! i'm so excited! i just imed scott about four hundred happy faces. could it be that i'm actually going to move to seattle, like i've dreamed about for the last two years?

in case you wondered...

1. i love paul.
2. i really really really really really love george.
3. i really really really really really love paul.
4. paul wouldn't really love me, cause i'm not a vegetarian.
5. i love george's kid, too. i think i should marry him.
6. pattie boyd was totally cute. oh, and did you know that
7. george, paul, and ringo all played at pattie boyd and eric clapton's wedding, even though pattie was george's ex-wife and eric clapton was one of his best friends?
8. i love george even more because of that.
9. i found this picture of paul with these two baby cows... he's adorable.
10. i totally love paul.

Friday, September 22, 2006

here does nothin...

i went to the career fair today. i got a t-shirt, some magnets, a tube of phelps-dodge chapstick (it's pina-colada flavored,okay?), and two of those pens with the post-it notes inside. those are so fabulous. they're my favorite career-fair loot, ever.

also... i got an interview with puget sound naval shipyard. that's where kat and josh went to work. that's where i want to work. that's in seattle. well, it's in bremmerton, but yeah. seattle.

i really want to move. it's not that i don't like the desert, i do (even now, when it's sort of turning into a swamp), but i want to get away for a few years at least....... or do i?

i get depressed when i spend too long away from my family. "too long" for me is about two weeks. i don't know what i'd do if i couldn't see my brothers for months at a time. and who would i play hockey with? and who would i dance with? and who would i eat green chile with? and where the heck would i buy green chile?

on the other hand, what am i going to do if i stay here? move to las cruces? work at NMSU? white sands? the nursery?!? i don't really want to do that. i mean, come on, you guys know i love las cruces and NMSU and... well, i (sometimes) really like the nursery, but...

exactly what good is it to take a million horribly difficult, soul-sucking, mind-numbing classes unless you can use them to move across the country, right? i haven't pulled that many all-nighters for nothing. i haven't been slowly killing myself to keep a high GPA just to not use it and move back home, right?

so, okay. wish me luck. i'm going to get dressed all nice and go to this interview tomorrow (err... today) and try and get this job and move away to the pacific northwest. i guess i should just not worry about it, right? if it happens, great. if not, something else. right?

okay. right.


insert some awesome, psyching-me-up montage here. why is it that i can only think of "eye of the tiger" and "material girl"?!?!? someone please get me a good montage song, please.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

i love hockey

hockey. is so fun.

yes, hockey has started again. ahhhh... you know how i know? because several parts of my body are actually in quite a but of pain right now. i have four very big bruises right now, three of which are... ahem... unphotographable, but...

image freakout

actually the picture doesn't do it justice. it looks all pastel. but the one thing i do like is that you can see the reflection in the mirror, and you can tell that it's got a severe 3D thing going on...

i'm very excited. i don't bruise easily, so when i finally get something this gnarly-looking, i feel like i have to show it off. this was from dan, in the first game i played today. it started turning purple right away. after the game my whole arm was shaking.

but anyway, hugo jr, david, ryan and i are all on a team... yay... along with jared, who is a good skater but seems kind of unsure about being in the adult league. oh, and rick. you guys remember rick, right? the one that said i didn't know how to position because i've been playing less than a year? yeah.

well, we are currently 1-2. so far we've won by one, lost by one, and been brutally humiliated once. i'll keep you posted as to how we do this year... hugo and i already decided that it's been far too long since we won a championship.


Monday, September 11, 2006

classical mystery tour

okay.... i must, i must, i must use what little spare time i have right now and catch you up on the beatles tribute concert that alicia and i went to last weekend. I KNOW, right? how can i do that when i haven't even told you about the honest-to-god RINGO STAR, who i went to see TWO MONTHS AGO?!?

i think the answer to that is that i'm either a bad fan or a bad blogger, and i hope to heaven that it's the latter, because i really really really love the beatles and i want to be a good fan... i want to be the best fan. i'd like to be a good blogger, too, but... sigh... they're so dreamy.

alicia picked me up last sunday wearing a green shirt with yellow silhouettes of the beatles, and she had a matching one for me! yay! that makes nine beatles shirts if you count the paul and ringo ones, which i do. we went to the university for the concert, which was a collaboration on the las cruces symphony orchestra and the classical mystery tour.

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it was bloody brilliant. unlike the last tribute band, all the members actually looked like their respective beatles. the music was awesome, they probably played about thirty songs. they also played some wings songs, and a john song, but they sort of stiffed george by leaving out "my sweet lord." oh well.

again, paul wasn't left-handed. and his accent wasn't quite as good as the last guy. but really, it was a much better show. george freakin rocked. "while my guitar gently weeps" was so incredible. hearing it live is rather profound. john rocked, too. as you guys know, i'm not much of a fan of the real john lennon, but i have to admit, his music was genius. paul was totally awesome. during "hey jude," i grabbed alicia and said, "this is when paul blew me a kiss!" it was great. ringo was sort of quiet, but he did very well. it was so much fun.

now it's time for some bad pictures... here's george...

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and john and ringo.

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you can see the mistro in that picture, too. half of the fun was watching him conducting the symphony. he stood high above the orchestra and the stage, so he was visible anyway, but then they put a huge spotlight on him and threw his gigantic shadow up on the wall. he was a riot. he sang along with most of the songs, and he had so much energy and he was super excited. Especially when the crowd made noise, he'd turn around and look at the guys on the stage and you could just tell he was thinking, "ohmygod, i'm a BEATLE! this is SOOOOOOOO COOL!" he was great.

their last number was "twist and shout," and the mistro grabbed one of the female violin players and pulled her out onto the stage and was dancing with her and singing into the microphone with george... he was funny. what a sweet guy.

did i tell you how much i love the beatles? a large portion of the stress in my life is due to the fact that i'm not sure who i love more, paul or george. no kidding. they are both so wonderful. i mean, paul is, and george was... you'd think that that would have something to do with the whole decision process, but it doesn't. is it creepy that i have two enormous crushes, one on an old guy and one on a dead guy? don't answer that.

okay, i'm tired and starting to admit things that people should never put on the internet. that's all for now, kiddos. i swear on everything that is holy that I WILL write about the ringo concert, one of these days. until then... oh my goodness, george was so handsome. and paul is so romantic.

i need to go.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

twenty minutes of free time!

life is incredibly busy. i'm exhausted.

yesterday i called kevin at about 5:30. i told him, completely truthfully, that it was the first time all day that i hadn't been doing something, and by all day i meant since 6:30 in the morning. i got up, packed, drove, went to work, went to class, went to work, played hockey with the professors, showered, ate a burrito in about five minutes, class, meeting, work... and it went on like that after the phone call, too. homework, bellydancing, iv, library, home, more homework. it was nuts. and unlike typical work days, yesterday was packed. i was scrambling all day trying to get quotes and send faxes and make phone calls. by the end of the day i was misspelling my last name and transposing fax numbers and every date was set in 2005.

just imagine... your mind is tired, your body is tired, your bed is SO comfortable... ahh. and it starts raining. nice, you think. time to fall asleep listening to the rain.

except the rain keeps getting louder, and louder, and there's thunder and lightning and soon the walls are shaking and there's no WAY you're going to sleep.

last night socorro got the most extreme thunderstorm i have ever experienced. i was ticked off. i was so tired and i couldn't sleep! it sucked. carmen was sleeping on the couch last night, and she actually came into my room at about 3 am and said, "can i sleep in your room?" i thought she was being funny, so i said no and tried to go back to bed. this morning it turns out that she was actually scared. hmm.

jen said something along the lines of, "tired? that's okay. nobody in socorro actually slept last night, so everyone else will be tired, too!" carmen said that at one point she thought maybe we were being attacked. that's some loud thunder, people.

good lord, i hope that was a once-in-a-lifetime thunderstorm, because if we get another one tonight i swear i'm over-dosing on sleeping pills. this is ridiculous.