Monday, November 14, 2005

9 days

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okay, i have got to get this stomach thing under control before i go to phoenix. this is rediculous. i feel like i've been kicked really, really hard in the gut. it's very uncomfortable.

this weekend i bought the new paul mccartney cd so i could be up-to-date on his new songs, and tonight i listened to it with jon and josh over some controls homework. the album cover has the most adorable picture of a very young paul playing the guitar in what looks like someone's backyard. it's quite artistic. far from finishing our homework, we started talking about what i could do to get the picture signed and such... well, my nerves were shot before that. and now i'm paying for it. why can't i just relax?!?

in case you're wondering, the controls homework did not go well. we all gave up, even jon the invincible. in fact, three out of four of our questions are still unanswered, and one isn't really even started.

i can't sleep when my homework's not done. and heaven knows i can't sleep thinking about the you-know-what coming up in nine days. that means i'm going to try really hard to distract myself with my book of the moment, harry potter and the order of the phoenix. uh oh, phoenix! that's in arizona! i'm going there! in nine days! so is paul mccartney!

don't say concert!

i said concert.

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