Wednesday, March 24, 2004

queen of the nerds

ladies and gentlemen, let's hear a nice big round of applause for our academic olympiad! our little hard-core nerdy girl!
i am good. good and tired, that is. friday night people started coming into town, so i stayed up all night and hung out. saturday i tried to do the same, but fell asleep at about two and had a few hours of accidental rest. i got up really really early on sunday and strangely don't remember anything about that night. i do know it was the last time i slept in my bed. on monday we had dress rehearsal, so tony and i stayed up until three am afterward finishing the physics homework. i fell asleep on adam and tony's couch and got up at six on tuesday. stayed awake all day.
but last night (which is still tuesday) is the real story here. i went over to josh's room at ten and worked my butt off... i mean i really worked, i didn't goof off- until four-thirty in the morning. you guessed it, the second quarter-semesterly materials lab write up. while i was at josh's, i managed to get out of my diffeq homework. the grader for that class showed up and i told him i'd bake him a cake if i didn't have to turn in today's homework. it worked ; )
josh was as done as he was going to be at four-thirty, but i came back to the tv room in my building and worked on my paper some more... until i went to breakfast at denny's with curtis, mike, scuba steve, nicki, johnny, rod, jamison, and james. then i came back and made a mad dash to finish my lab write up, ran to print it out at the computer center, and then ran to jones to leave it on my ta's desk. have you ever ran across a college campus on a nice warm sunny ten am morning... after you've had less than ten hours of sleep in the last five days? i don't exactly recommend it. it took me a while to recover. then i went home, took a shower, and went to mechanics. tony had picked up all my diffeq homework for me, and they were all 100's and 95's! tony, adam and i got lunch and went to my room to start (and finish) the physics homework, and then we went to recitation.
only to receive another assignment. dr. eack loves doing that to us.
still no sleep, i've got rehearsal in an hour and physics homework, a physics lab, and a materials assignment due tomorrow. tonight's rehearsal will run well past midnight. then i have another rehearsal tomorrow, right after i get out of lab!
but i'm happy, because i think i'm going to get to sleep tonight. in my bed! hooray!
no, seriously, this pace will probably make me sick soon, but i'm not miserable. i'm actually very proud that i worked on the lab for nearly eight hours straight! well, i can't take all the credit here. josh gave me one of his special caffeine pills. man, that messes you up. taking one of those bad boys on an empty stomach is another thing that good little girls and boys should never, never, do.
nevertheless, my lab write up was finished and turned in on time. this can only bring happiness.
and mike's bringing me brownies and coffee at rehearsal tonight.
: )

Friday, March 19, 2004

a little backround information before i let you read what my study buddy josh said about my away message. today i wore a pirate t-shirt that mike got for me in maine last week. all day (including in materials lab, where we are cold-working copper) i was trying to talk like a pirate and josh made fun of me. also, in materials, there are three types of atomic holes. a-hole (funny), b-hole (still amusing), and a c-hole (this last one is a square).

Auto response from ME: d'arr, mateys! where be me pistol? i been taken captive by me studies, those scabbarous dogs! save yourselves! run for yer lives, me hearties!

You are such a dork.

shuddup c hole

TurnandReality: lol

boy meets girl

like i said, i have been very faithful in my extra-curricular reading this week. yesterday i finished Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris. i actually read it kind of by accident, because i had started to read some book in carmen's room a while back that i thought was this one, and i wanted to finish it, but actually that turned out to be When GOD Writes Your Love Story. i don't know how that one is.
but Boy Meets Girl wasn't exactly a pleasent surprize. it had a lot of good points and a lot of Godly perspectives on relationships, but for a lot of it, i was staring at the page thinking, "are you serious?" The chapter about gender roles particularly ticked me off. ol' josh essentially stated that a girl being "one of the guys" is unbiblical. well, i guess i'm in big trouble then. fact is, i rarely feel like one of the girls. groups of girls usually intimidate me. when i'm the only girl in a group of guys, i usually don't notice. i don't know what that says about me as a Christian, but i'm really not feeling convicted to change that about myself.
josh also talked about how motherhood is a disrespected "profession", and more girls should be eager to pursue it. he also clearly states that the guy is the breadwinner, and implies that it's very rare to find a woman pursuing a career that is staying "biblically feminine" (a term he never actually defines). alicia's family comes to mind here. her mother worked at a very respectable job and her father stayed at home with the kids for several years. now that the kids are older, they both work. i know a lot of families are like that. does that mean the women are denying their biblical gender roles? i don't think it does.
a few other things that made me mad... the tone of the book seemed to say that everyone gets married, and that GOD has "that special someone" for everybody. so no one ends up single? does GOD not love single people or what? it's nice to think about, sure, but i think that there are people that GOD wants to keep single. single people don't have to consider their family when thinking about going into missions or following a job.
also, joshua implies that the only way to get married is through the church. i think it's very good to get married through the church, but not being one to like denominational segregation, there's nothing wrong with marrying someone that goes to a different church. but josh talks about the pastor being involved. not pastors. hmmm...
oh, and only perfect people get married, by the way. he gives general advice, like don't marry someone with a bad temper or who disrespects his parents. good advice i guess, but there are people out there with quick tempers. so the people with tempers don't ever get married, or they are at least doomed to be unhappy all their days. sucks to be them. i happen to know a lot of easy-to-set-off guys who are happily married.
alright, i think i'm done griping about that. i would like to state, however, that if GOD wants me to stay single and never get married, bummer, but so be it. and i'm not above marrying a person from a different church (actually, as there really aren't any guys at my church, i hope for it). and i will continue to be one of the guys, unless someone can really prove to me that it's wrong. there ya go.

this had better be temporary

when did i get to be SUCH a bum?
all my travel plans for spring break fell through, so instead of going home to las cruces and sleeping all day and goofing off online all night, i opted to stay in socorro and actually get some work done. next week is the musical, and we have dress rehearsal everynight or something, so i wanted to get all my homework for next week done. it was concievable. i have a huge physics assignment and one of those enormous materials lab write-ups due on tuesday, then a little bit of diffeq and a physics lab write up (both relatively easy) due on wednesday and thursday. oh, and because dr. eack so loves to give us homework, i was expecting to read the next chapter in the physics book and summarize it to get read for the next quiz.
but like i said, out of nowhere, i have become the biggest slacker.
i've been here in socorro since monday evening, and carmen and steve left on wednesday night, so by now i've actually had two un-interrupted days of nothing to do. i started reading two books. i've been pretty diligent with those. but homework? no way. i've done quite a few physics problems, but not even half of the assignment, haven't even looked at the diffeq, written about two pages (out of the bare minimum of ten, mind you) of the materials lab, and the title... that's right, one minute's work of work... of the physics lab write up. in TWO DAYS.
i don't know what's wrong with me. if my room has become a place where i can't do work, i am so screwed. i'd better get back into the zone when school starts up.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

awww yeah!

here's the deal with the hockey league this season...
remember how i told you they are moving indoors and the adult games are going to be on weeknights now? and that i couldn't make it into town on weeknights? so i thought i'd be sitting out at least for this season, maybe forever.
WELL of course the new rink isn't finished. of course. nothing in las cruces is ever finished on time, i don't know why i thought this would be any different. so they told me that for the first few weeks, all the games are on saturdays. they also told me that as long as i can make it into town for the games, i can get some playing time. tom made me the official "free agent" of the league, which means i can play with any team that needs a sub. last week i played two games, and this week i played three. five games in two weeks... this is really nice!
last night i asked barry and ray when the indoor rink would be ready. they said probably not all season.
heck yeah, i could do two or three games a week all season.
being a free agent is AWESOME!!

Friday, March 05, 2004

very dramatic

yesterday there was a guy in front of the chartwells cafeteria who was having students fill out forms for credit cards. he was getting everybody's personal information, including their social security number, their signature, and he was taking digital pictures of their student ids. when i saw all that he was getting, i wouldn't fill out my social security number, but jesse and peter did, and they got these little basketballs or something. the guy tried to convience me by saying that he had identification, he just didn't have it with him. riiiiiiiight.... i told him i was sorry i wasted his piece of paper and left.
kim and trevor called campus police from our room. jesse and peter started freaking out when we told them everything that could happen with identity theft, and campus police took a really long time to get there and they were worried that this guy was going to pack up and leave. so i went and called campus police from the chartwells phone. and an officer came in like two minutes and asked who had made the call. i told him that this guy was getting pictures of everybody and their ss# and their signatures and didn't have any id. the cop went and got all the info from the guy, and while he was out there jesse and peter went and got their forms back. but he wouldn't erase his digital pictures. right after the cop left the guy took off.
it was scary. i feel smart. and i called the police and they came!
jesse and peter were way more scared than i was though. they said i saved them! hooray!

Monday, March 01, 2004

that's right... i got it made

yes, yes, i am the luckiest girl in the world. my super-talented roommate kim and our super-talented friend jesse (who also happens to be the perfect man, we decided) are in here practicing for rob's wedding. right now they are playing pachabel's cannon, and it's the first time they have played it togther, but OH MY GOSH! they sound SO good. i'm ready to about pass out. i gave up on trying to do homework to this heavenly music that makes me want to fly and sleep and... get married! but i can't let them know i'm not doing homework because they are so nice that they would schedule practice when i'm in class or something, so as not to distract me (or contribute to my dilinquency, as kim puts it), and then i wouldn't be able to hear them practice.
and by the way, YEAH RIGHT on all that homework i wanted to do. i was very dilligent, i promise, but the materials took me a lot longer than i thought it would, so i didn't get to physics or mechanics or the library.
wow jesse is so cool. i'm completly impressed. last week after he left and kim and i were disscussing how perfect he is, she asked me, "holly, do you have a crush on jesse?"
i said, "no, but i should."
and DUDE... i should.

la la la

it's a beautiful day outside, i have tons of time to do my homework, i'm listening to good ol' mr. armstrong, and i am eating a strawberry ice cream cone. one thing good about our cafeteria-- the ice cream is fabulous. and STRAWBERRY ice cream... well, you can imagine.
last night i finished all of the diffeq homework, right now i am going to finish all the materials homework and email the data to our ta, then i am going to read a LOT of mechanics to get ready for our killer (and i mean KILLER, 25% of the final grade) midterm in two weeks, start on my physics lab write up, and go to the library and run off copies of tomorrow's materials lab. nice. let's see what i can do in three hours.
oh, and i had a dream that jamison was trying to kill me the other night! more about that later.