Wednesday, November 16, 2005

7 days

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one week! one week! one week!

i'm a bad friend. today is scott's birthday. but much more importantly, today marks seven days until the moment when i get to see sir paul! yay! jake and i took scott out to dinner. that was nice... except i kept looking at my watch and saying, "oooh, in one week and five minutes, the concert is going to be starting!" or "know where i'll be next week? i'll be in the same room as paul mccartney!"

poor scott! how annoying of me. but i can't help it! i'm so excited! i really can't shut up about this. i keep thinking of all the things i need to do, like dye my hair purple again and make myself a t-shirt and a banner or two and print off the plane tickets and figure out what time he's getting to the arena so i can stand outside and yell "i love you paul!"

it does make me feel a little better when i realize that this concert is also more important to me than my own birthday. if you notice, i'm counting down to the show, not to my big # 22. who cares about birthdays? i've had lots of those. this will be a once-in-a-lifetimer. and i'm so very excited.

you can't tell, can you?

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