Friday, November 11, 2005

12 days

so it's come to this.... i saw mike twice today, and both times he acknowledged the person i was walking with (josh and adam, respectively) but looked right through me. what a jerk. and i know for a fact that he hates when people do that. he thinks it's low. or he used to... i don't really know him anymore, i guess.

that's the bad news. the good news is that it's an absolutely gorgeous day, the town of socorro looks beautiful in it's various autumn colors, i'm driving home to las cruces as soon as i'm done typing this post, and i'm going to see paul mccartney in twelve days. let's examine these a little more closely, shall we?

1.) it's a gorgeous day.
who would have thought? it went from being boiling summer to freezing winter in one day (see previous posts) to being really nice outside. it's amazing! i love not needing a jacket! it makes me happy!

2.) beautiful autumn colors!
i've always liked the socorro autumn scene better than that in las cruces, because the leaves actually change color up here. in las cruces, it freezes once and all the leaves are gone in one day. here, the local inhabitants enjoy several weeks of lovely fall foilage (how'd you like that propaganda?). but seriously, i'm really enjoying it because last year we didn't have fall, we had a hailstorm in october that broke all the trees. consequently, there weren't any leaves to change. very sad. but there's this beautiful tree between the library and the mechanical building that i pass every morning on my way to school... it's awesome. i don't know what kind of tree it is, but it has just about every color. i made josh take a picture.

3.) las cruces!!!!
well, 'nuff said there. no school! no group priorities! no homework! no silent-treatment back-stabbing roommate! no cowardly ex-boyfriend!
and the pros: sister! brothers! cousin! aunt, uncle, parents, grandparents! doggie!!!!! hockey! church! friends! shopping! food! entertainment!
i think you get the idea.

4.) paul mccartney in twelve days
last night i told christian about the concert, and he started asking me all the detail questions, like he thought he was going to go. riiiiiiiight.... i told him there was still a ticket in the front row going for $11,000. i think he thought i was kidding. but i wasn't.
today i told rosemary, the meche secretary, that i was going to the concert that i talked about all summer. she said she couldn't believe it and started talking about the beegees.
my grandparents stopped in town today and we all excited for me, and they told me about all the doll shops in glenndale. that's when a trip becomes reality for me, when my grandparents tell me about the antique stores. that means i'm really going. i'm really going!

and here's a parting shot for your viewing pleasure.

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