Thursday, May 27, 2004

how's life?

ahhh.... home again.
yeah, not really.
tonight i got into a pretty heated argument with my sister, which really wasn't that interesting, but resulted in her going to a lame party with my brother and me trying to walk all the way home from the hilton.
on the good side... hey, i'm back in a town with a hilton! and my grandparents saw me walking down the street and gave me a ride. i was actually enjoying my walk, but i didn't want my grandma to worry. she worries.
elizabeth is here again. she gets into fights with my mom all the time. she keeps saying smart-alecky things to me, like, 'holly, when you grow up, let me know.' tonight i was particularly shocked that she could make so much noise drinking her milk. honestly, it was incredible. i didn't say anything though. it's best to keep those things quiet around her.
on the good side, i'll be leaving in a week and i won't have to see elizabeth after that. for those of you who don't know, elizabeth is a girl that is two years older than me (22) that my mom decided to adopt two summers ago. i know what you're thinking... hey, i thought you couldn't be adopted after the age of eighteen? yeah, that should be the way things work.
i'm back at the nursery working for a while. the best thing that's going for me here is the weather. it's been cool lately, not just cool for the summer or cool for las cruces, but actually chilly. i'm learning all the names of plants again. all in all, work is going great... but there's this new guy duane who is SO annoying! he's such a suck-up and the biggest know-it-all. grr.
tomorrow my little brother nick graduates from high school! i think i'm going to get him some hockey gloves, like that's something i can afford... but i feel bad that everyone made such a huge fuss over my graduation, and no one cares that much about his. poor little brother bear.
this morning at 9:30 my aunt had a baby boy! i have a little cousin! he was like ten pounds (holy crap) and his name is alexander jefferson. i haven't seen him yet, but my grandparents were talking about him a lot on the car ride. i guess my uncle is really excited. how cute!
i guess that's it for a while. one week til i go back to tech and we start filming for "the real world: socorro". that's what my hockey buddies are calling it. no one can believe i'm going to share a house with corrie and three guys. but i'm excited!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

here i am!
The Guardian
Adventure, thrill seeking, loyal, with high goals
for themselves, and equally high standards for
society. They protect what they stand for, and
those that cannot stand up for themselves.

A unique perspective on one's inner self: who are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

i'm a guardian angel! neato. i think the description fits me pretty well, but i think this was one of those quizzes that people can find a little bit of themselves in every answer. okay.

one more week of school (two tests and three homework assignments), then a three-day finals week, and i'm done for this semester! yay! then i have three weeks to work at the nursery again before i come BACK up to socorro to take my summer courses. this summer it's electrical engineering for non-majors and technical writing. i'm going to live with steve and christian, and maybe corrie. i'm excited! i've never had guy roommates before, not counting my brother and hoyoung. and i don't count them. it'll be interesting, since steve is my best friend carmen's fiance. stay tuned, this summer is sure to be an entertaining one!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

ok, NOW i'm mad

alright, i don't know if anyone knew this but i am a huge hockey fan. HUGE. and this is the first season in a long time that i have actually had time to watch the play-offs. i was really excited about this, up until all the teams i care about were suddenly OUT. watch this.
teams i care about:
DALLAS STARS (my favorite team ever! yay, dallas!)
--- out
new jersey devils (my buddy kevin's favorite team, that i root for in case dallas is not around)
--- out
st. louis blues (my buddy hugo's favorite team, that kevin and i root for in case we both are teamless)
--- out
boston bruins (my boyfriend mike favorite team, that i don't really root for because they aren't very good, but still, i care)
--- out
the penguins (my ex-favorite team that i divorced after the jerks traded jagr)
--- out
i think you get the idea. actually, i'm not being entirely truthful here. there is still one team in the running that i care about. it's colorado. and when i say care, i mean hate. i don't know why people hate sports teams. it's totally irrational. but i HATE colorado! i like them a lot better now that roy is retired (sorry roy fans, it's nothing personal, i promise. yeah, he's good. no, i have no reason to not like him. but i don't), but i still love to see them loose. my friend jeremy says they are like the yankees... everyone holds a strong opinion. my opinion is utter loathing.
so honestly.... why have they won their second game in a row against san jose in over time? any of my fellow ABC (Anybody But Colorado) fans will be happy to know the answer. they won twice when they should have been swept for this reason alone: my friend jd prayed for them.
it's all over.
once last semester jd thought the weather was a bit hot so he prayed for rain. it POURED for three days. the roads closed.
remember game seven last year when the red socks got illiminated? they blew their comfortable lead because jd prayed that the other team would win it. same thing happened with the cubs and the marlins.
nice that jd can petition heaven for things like that. CRAPPY that he doesn't care about hockey at all, he just prayed for them because he knows i want them to loose. my only hope here is to trick him into thinking i want san jose to loose so he'll pray for them. DANGIT!
I have so much homework I can't go to bed.
I'm tired and I'm bored and I've knots in my head
From sitting, just sitting here day after day. . .
It's WORK! How I hate it! I'd much rather play.
I'd take a vacation, run off for a rest,
If I could find someone to go take my test.
If I could find someone, I' fly away free....
Would YOU like to do my homework for me?

No, I didn't really write it. Dr. Suess wrote most of it, I just changed some of the words because the complaining and longing to have fun inspired me! And hey, if you know which Dr. Suess book this is from, you are SO cool. You should write me a note. And hey, now I have the comment feature, so that's entirely possible! NEAT.