Monday, August 30, 2004

here's to many more

i'm sure none of you know this, but last night marked five months to the day that mike and i have been together. since he bought me like twenty roses and a milk shake last month (and i forgot), i figured i'd better be on top of things this month. i wanted to get a coloring book, but the only one in the store was vandalized. i went with twelve peach-colored roses and a bottle of sparkleing bubbly.

mike gave me a watch. and drew me a picture.

the picture is of tinkerbelle, and she's really cute and surrounded by stars and the words to one of the songs from the musical, Peter Pan, in mike's pretty caligraphy handwriting. the watch has a thick brown leather band with pretty pink flowers and stars, and the face is all shiney and pink and square. it's perfect. there's no way i could have picked out a better watch for myself. i was bragging about it to everybody today.

aww, he's so cute! what a good boyfriend i have. :)

meet jessica

so i bet you're wondering by now... what's the new roommate like? as you may or may not know, kim graduated last spring (but no use, she's back doing undergrad, civil engineering this time), so i got a new freshman. last time i got a freshman it ended disasterously, we never spoke to each other and i ended up moving out. this time, however, i think it'll be fine. meet jessica.

jessica is an undeclared engineering major who plays the clarinet and bassoon who was drum major at her school for the last two years. we were emailing this summer, and when i got that information i formed a jessica in my mind. i figured short, long-haired burnette, athletic, and mean, loud, and in-your-face enough to be a drum major. i was really surprized. wrong on all points.

jessica is tall with short blond hair (although not as short as mine, since i cut off eleven inches this summer). while she must have incredible endurance to be a drum major, she doesn't have a particularly athletic build. the most surprizing part is that she's very soft spoken. she's not mean at all, not even sarcastic. she's very nice and already has several friends here, and she's from farmington, so she knows a lot of the same people mike knows. one thing that really impressed me is that she's not trying really hard to present this image like most freshmen do (and like i did). most of them are trying to be cool or crazy or impressive or snobby or rebelious or whatever. and she doesn't go that way.

and one more thing, she's totally cool. she brought these pretty cork boards that she made, and she has a desk calander that has a shoe for every day of the year. and she brought sparkley power-puff- girls handsoap. that's awesome!

we haven't been like super-bonding or anything, but i think we'll be just fine.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

revenge becomes me?

the "funniest" thing happened in economics on thursday...
ghosh was giving us some sample problems and then working through them, which took forever of course, because he read all of them out loud. no body was really listening. people fell into two categories; sit-back-and-dose, which i joined, or race-dr.-ghosh-to-finish-the-problem, which almost everyone else joined. josh was sitting between me and ben. he didn't have his calculator, so he kept trying to get ben's, which ben was still trying to use, and you see the problem.

since i was sitting back and dosing, i gave josh my calculator to use. he turned the screen on and laughed. the screen said "I HEART YOU HOT HOLLY!"

that could only be from mike. i think i blushed.

then dumb ol' josh passed it to ben. who passed it to the next person. and so on. soon the whole row was laughing. i KNOW i was blushing then.

it's cute that mike left me a calculator message... but josh is going to get it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

back to school

confound and bebother this slow dorm connection! man did i get spoiled this summer with steve's wireless internet.
it's the first day of classes, and yes, i do have a lot of catching up to do on the twenty days you didn't hear from me. i promise it'll come soon. this semester i'm taking dynamics, engineering economics, thermo, fluids, vectors, and junior design, yay! i had to get my advisor dr. reilley to sign off on that one, because he controlls my life and happens to be the teacher. every time i go talk to him i feel like i've won a battle. he's so intimidating.
everyone and their dog is taking dynamics, including mike, jd, josh, kat, jeremy, and jon. in fact... josh and jon were in all my classes today, and we're already in the same project group for economics. we have ghosh for that class, the same teacher i had for statics. i guess this time we'll be prepared for a butt-kicker final. his stuttering seems to have gotten better, but he still has the craziest accent i've ever heard.
i have jr. design in one hour. i'm a little worried about dr. reilley. josh told me he wants to get an a in that class just so he can throw it in reilley's face.
yeah, speaking of josh... what a pain! in thermo i was playing with my bracelet and he whispered, "i bet if dr. zeman was teaching you'd pay attention." he still thinks i have a crush on him. i told him that if i was the flipping off kind of person i would totally flip him off.
and i had a thought today. an army of one. talk about an all-time recruiting scam. yeah sure, be an individual, join the military!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

y'all get y'rass on over here

webguru: is Ms. Boltzmann there?
Devil64: she just left with scuba, i think they were finding food
webguru: ok
webguru: when Corrie gets back, tell her to get her ass on IM and tell me what's going on for tonight
webguru: in a kind way of course ;-)
Devil64: okay, i'll relay the message
Devil64: "adam saaays... get yerass on aim!"
webguru: good job
Devil64: y'rass
webguru: ahhh! you just made a new Texan cuss word!
Devil64: y'all get y'rass on over here
webguru: haha!!!!!!
webguru: we need to patent that one
Devil64: what is this "we" white man?
Devil64: ;-)