Tuesday, November 08, 2005

can it be?

okay, quick update:
halloween rocked. it was lots of fun. again, for details, check out my uncle's website and click on the link for the mausoleum page. of course, we had the kids that were brats, but the majority of them had a blast.

and then on tuesday morning i came back to school... by tuesday afternoon i was ready to drop out. i hate school, i hate school, i hate school! it's amazing how just being in socorro makes me miserable, and how a huge weight is lifted from my shoulders when i get to las cruces.

but enough about that. here's the real reason i'm writing. let's see, how well do you know me? what do i want for my birthday? what do i want reallyreallyreally badly?

so scuba came over yesterday and handed me a ticket to the paul mccartney concert in phoenix on the day before my birthday. he bought a $700 seat for $200. and he gave it to me, saying he knew i was having a rough semester and he thought he'd give me a chance to go, seeing as i've been talking about it since, oh, april. i checked out the seat. it's not bad. not amazing, but not bad.

i was super freaked out. i hadn't slept at all the night before, thanks to good ol homework, so i wasn't really in any condition to express my thanks. add to that the immediate guard wall that went up and the voice in my head that yelled, "do NOT get excited. this can't be as good as you think." i didn't really know what to say, so i kind of babbled about stuff.

he left and i called adam. he freaked. i read all the reports on the shows so far in the tour. i found as many picture of the inside of glendale arena as i could, making sure that i'll be able to see sir paul. i got excited. i called my dad. carmen came home. she freaked. even after all that, i don't think it's really hit me yet... i'm going to see paul mccartney! can it be? am i going to wake up and find that this is a cruel dream?

it's been one day. josh says he's already sick of hearing me talk about this concert. he says he'd rather have massive amounts of homework to do that listen to me talk about paul mccartney for two weeks. two and a half, i remind him. that's another thing- how am i going to stand this for two and a half weeks? i have problems with anxiousness, i get really sick! how am i going to get anything done? i have three, maybe four tests between now and then. is this the end of my college carrer?

i don't care if it is. i'm going to the concert.


Eddo said...

I just saw your description - I went to Texas Women's University which was 97% women - I loved it!

Thanks for stopping by Posted Note

nerdy said...

wha...? you went to a women's college? and it was 97% women? i'm confused. :)