Sunday, July 22, 2007

"busy" doesn't cover it...

i'm not a very responsible blogger.

here's what's been going on with me since my last post:

1. spring break trip was awesome fun, even though we didn't really find any ghosts. the creepiest places were right here in las cruces. what surprised me was how much fun it was to check out all the new mexico history in the graveyards and old forts.

also, we think that the st. james hotel in cimmeron officially hypes up their "haunted" status.

2. i graduated. woo hoo! i painted my face like ziggy stardust and just about died of heat stroke. it was fun. yay for the end of school!

3. i went to seattle and found an apartment. it wasn't my first choice, but it's not bad. it's within a mile of the ferry terminal, it's under $1300/month, and i can move in august 1st, so it's okay. i also found a place to go swing dancing. hooray!

4. i went to vegas with scott. he went for the poker, i went for the beatles. i saw the beatles show! i also bought a whole bunch of beatles loot.

5. i organized and played in a 130-hour hockey game (all-night, all-day, all-week), which ended yesterday. i am bruised and sore and i seriously jacked my knee yesterday afternoon, but it was fun. it was worth it. now i'm going to suffer from postmortem depression because i don't know what to do with myself after hanging out with all my hockey buddies all week. staying up all night to play hockey is just one of those things... now i'm going to miss them more than ever when i move to seattle...

6. next week! i'm leaving saturday. wow, less than a week. i really haven't started packing up my stuff at all. i've got my work cut out for me. nick and i are driving to seattle in a rental truck, so we'll get there just in time for

7. josh and kat's wedding. i'm totally excited about being the best man. i got my dress in the mail the other day, and it's beautiful. i still think i should be allowed to wear a tux, but since kat has a guy as one of her bridesmaids that definitely doesn't want to wear a dress, i'm sort of stuck. oh well.

8. i think it's time for a new blog. i've had this one for several years, several college years. now i'm taking off and doing something new, so it seems appropriate. i think that will probably motivate me to update more often, anyway.

i need to figure out the details of that. in the meantime, i've got plenty of packing and moving work to do.