Thursday, January 05, 2006


once again i have proven my geeky, out-of-the-loopedness to the world... or at least to my family. tonight my sister, alicia and i went over to my aunt and uncle's house to play guitar hero (which rocks my socks) and a karaoke game on the ps2 console. one of the challanging settings was one which randomized the songs, to which you have to sing along or watch your score plummet and loose your crowd. it's an interesting game.

during my turn, a beyonce song that i have never heard came on and i totally choked. since my sister was already singing along, i handed her the microphone and she took over for me. she did great.

i have no idea what's "in" now. at school, i don't have a tv, i don't listen to the radio (not like i get any decent stations up there anyway), and even if i did, i don't have time to be knowledgeable about these things with all the blasted homework my teachers give me. this is where adam comes in. he tells me what's trendy, because it seems that he somehow has an innate sensitivity to it. these remarks are usually punctuated by some exclaimation of disgust as well, because usually, to be trendy is to suck. okay.

adam tells me how starbucks is trendy (and sucks). how boba tea is trendy (and sucks). he tells me about all the amazing gizmos that are coming out (and how awesome they are). he tells me about how apple should be more trendy. the list goes on.

it is from adam that i first heard of su doku. i believe he said something like, "oh it's this new math game, and it's totally addictive and trendy." from then on i saw it everywhere! newspapers, billboards, people in class pretending to pay attention... wow. and it really is trendy, i think our family got four giant books this christmas with titles like "uber su doju challange!" or "grand master su doku!" out of curiosity, i checked it out.

and now i am hooked. not to mention trendy. actually, i'm so trendy that i may go down to starbucks with my ipod and sit in one of those over-stuffed chairs and su doku for hours and hours. text me if you need anything.

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