Monday, January 23, 2006


brit lit is going to be so awesome. i'm stoked.

but there's this one little part that won't be awesome.

there's a boy in that class that i've know since i was a freshman. i think i can safely say that he's the sleeziest, creepiest guy at tech. he looks like he just stepped off the beach, which he uses to his advantage to get girls. i'm not a lone nutcase on this one either. he actually got the nickname "stach" because he goes out with all the freshmen.

my girlfriends and i (especially carmen and rachel) have had some run-ins with this character. in particular, he was planning the annual "freshmen toast", a tech tradition to get all the freshmen drunk the night before the first day of class. this makes me uneasy to begin with, but with mr. sleeze in charge.... anyway, he got the idea that i didn't like him and stopped hitting on me. and stopped talking to me. this suited me just fine.

the first day of class, dr. mott had us all introduce ourselves, like all humanities teachers do, and say our name, major, hometown, and favorite weekend activity. of course, my favorite weekend activity is roller hockey. upon hearing this, mott promptly said that he played a few times a week with the other humanities professor and a few students and that i should join them. okay.

but one of the "few students" was stach, who also considers himself to be mr. athletic. now it seems that he thinks it's okay to talk to me again. and hit on me. he invited me to play hockey that day, and said something about how it will be nice to have a girl there to show off for.

i could destroy that guy.

but even worse, i think i introduced him to a nice transfer student girl, and now he's bugging her to go to the gym and work out with him. yuck!

and there's more! he somehow got himself into a group with her. and me. i don't know how long we'll be working together.

i have a bad feeling about this.

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