Friday, January 13, 2006

friday the 13th

today we had our iv team meetings, and they actually went very well! it's amazing how enjoyable rod's manuscript studies are when i don't have a mountain of homework to do. and yes, i mean enjoyable, not tolerable. i had fun hanging out today. when rod suggested that we all watch a movie tonight at scuba's house, i wasn't wildly trying to think of a reason that i couldn't attend.

suddenly i remembered that today is friday the 13th. at nearly the exact same moment, rod commented that tonight was a full moon. and everyone knows that scuba's house is haunted! it's one of the only victorian-style houses in socorro. the bright red carpet, antique furniture, moulded ceilings, and creepy chandeliers (for reals) can only mean one thing... there are restless souls present! no kidding, the attic is something straight out of a horror flick, complete with broken glass and old dirty dolls. and the bathroom? stuff of nightmares.

i told the guys that the fates had aligned and we had to watch a horror movie. we had to.

we ended up decided on the forgotten, which disappointed me somewhat because it's not really supernatural or terrifying... or friday the 13th-ish. but i did enjoy watching jesse, rod, and scuba jump. there aren't many "jump" scenes in that movie (i actually count exactly four), but they are violent jumps. to be honest, scuba's house is a lot scarier than the movie. shown in the movie aftermath. apparently jesse and chris had trash to throw away, so they walked down the dark spooky halway to the cavernous kitchen, where i suppose they freaked themselves out. for whatever reason, chris came running back into the living room out of the bowels of a dark house and totally startled me.

i very nearly threw the movies in my hands right at his face. instead i yelled at him. "whattheheck! whatareyoudoing? whyareyourunning?!?"

well i sort of lost my cool. at that point i proved that i was excitable and was doomed. being a guy, chris then had to scare me several more times. realizing that there was only one light burning in the whole house, he quickly switched it off and screamed. so did i. so did scuba and jesse. they may have been playing along, but i don't know...

as we were filing out of the house, i told them, "if anyone touches me, they're getting punched in the face and i'm not kidding!" but really, i was kidding. i would know it's a joke and wouldn't do anything...

which is exactly why people are doomed if supernatural monsters ever do attack. the victim will believe, deep down, that the roaring mutant beast or shuffling zombie or little green man about to kill them is really their buddy playing a joke. and the victim will do nothing. and the victim will die.

dark, i know, but i just wasted a full-moon friday the 13th in a haunted house watching a psychological thriller, when night of the living dead and the exorcist were available. heck, i even own the blob! that would have been better.

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