Monday, January 23, 2006


verse of the day: "wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart. wait, i say, on the LORD." psalm 27:14

word of the day: extracurricularific! yeah, i stole that from strong bad.

song of the day: "the promise", when in rome. that's right, the one from napolean dynamite! and "head over heels" by tears for fears. oh, and "video killed the radio star", the buggles. and "i melt with you".

maybe i should just say that the decade of the day is the 80's.

wish of the day: i really want a mouse. and a new battery and power supply for my laptop.

highlight of the day: carmen and i made tea (vanilla hazelnut for me, redbush chai for her) and ate muffins (blueberry for her, chocolate chip for me) and did best friend things! i love when she's in town!

annoyance of the day: it's kc's turn to do the dishes, and she needs to freakin do them! it's been almost a week!

tomorrow: leader's meeting. and mike's birthday.

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