Sunday, January 01, 2006

i heart new years!

happy new year everyone! here are some things i learned or was strongly reminded of this holiday season:

1. don't try to multi-task while making rice crispy treats. timing is everything in this process. and never underestimate the stickiness of a large mass of marshmellow goo. what a mess.

2. my dad and grandfather really are impossible to shop for. those awesome presents that i found? yeah, i got a little ahead of myself. at least my dad pretends that he likes what i got him. oh well.

3. being a dj is harder than it seems. (but i love it!)

4. last night i read a little banner that was saying the "best of 2005"s before the ball dropped. it reported that the most requested concert tickets this year were u2, the rolling stones, and, of course, paul mccartney!!! and one of those tickets was mine! i saw him! and he saw me! yay!

5. my cousin is the cutest kid in the whole world. he can say "guitar"!

6. i don't ever want to go back to school. i have to, because i'm almost done, but i'm really not looking forward to it at all.

7. itunes is addicting, and a little deceptive i think... in the same way that buying anything on the internet is deceptive because you don't feel like you're actually paying. i'm bummed that i can't download "stayin alive" or "the promise" without the entire soundtracks that feature those songs, but i'm happy because i'm listening to such music as the violent femmes and the cranberries. and, of course, a few weird al parodies. sweet.

8. m. night shamalan is brilliant and my hero. i made my mom watch signs and the village this week. next on the list should be unbreakable.

9. i can never have too many beatles shirts. i got about four of them for christmas, and they are so cool... vanessa gave me another one the other night with a big yellow submarine, and she was sure that i'd be sick of them, but i love it!

10. i really want to go to new york city. being there on new year's eve would be so much fun! yeah, it's a cliche, but i would still love to go. now imagine my shock last night when i learned that my mom has actually been to times square on new year's eve! i can't believe she never told me that! and she also said it was really lame. and freezing. that's unfortunate.

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