Tuesday, January 31, 2006

aim and blogger, 800 a.d. style

i think brit lit is getting to my head a little.

peter: so how did you like beowulf?
me: i'd read it before... i just needed to read it again so i could ace the quiz!
me: but i like it. i wish i talked that way.
peter: i wish i could just talk without getting tongue-tied.
me: and lo, though her house-mate was wicked in spirit and deceitful of tongue, the heart-heavy student made no attack, but went quick to her work.
peter: hahahaha, pretty good!

nay, she raised no defense 'gainst that wreaker of woe,
but turned her toil to the hall of textbooks;
where, under dusty gales and bulbs a-flicker,
that ruddy scholar, the word-problem's bane,
fought three dimentions and factors of friction,
seeking her sore-earned rest. two weeks she toiled,
tireless at her task, mighty in merit,
a master of pencil and guilded scrolls,
until the homework, that man-loathed monster
cursed by GOD, felt it's half-life slipping.
there she slew the fiend, spilling it's life-blood
'til the ground was murky and black with gore.

long faithful, her thanes had kept watch,
with cautious breath counted her days with care,
seeking her standard rising from battle.
and lo, they spied her, those dearly-missed friends,
and bore her to the mead-hall, festooned as it was,
awaiting the victory song. there feasted they,
those weary soldiers, those steadfast students,
and rejoyced in the passing of the woeful beast.
such were the days in times of olde.

sounds nice. hmm. but if you think i'm really done with my homework, yeah right! actually i'd... better get to that...


CC said...

You are the coolest. That made my morning.

Eddo said...

WOW! That was REALLY GOOD! Way different from my poetry, much better actually.

Eddo said...

I just read your description - I graduated from Texas Woman's University. 195 males, 4000 women. So I was almost always the only dude in my classes, I loved it.

nerdy said...

thanks fellahs! it's sort of ironic because i wrote a a poem about doing my homework when i really should have been doing my homework... oh well.