Thursday, January 19, 2006

semester outlook

seeing mike every morning sucks. i was wrong, i have two classes with him.

i have now attended the first of all my classes for this semester, except for the finite element analysis lab we all have tomorrow with dr. ghosh. that's not going to be fun. first of all, he's ghosh, and communicating with him is kind of like trying to fight swamp thing with a thawed dead fish. yes, i work for this man. second, it's a computer lab, and if the past is any indication, that means that everyone else in the class will have experience with the software and no one will bother explaining it.

i have two classes this semester taught by ghosh. time will tell whether it is more painful to have two ghosh classes or two miller classes. on the good side, both courses don't seem too hard, but on the bad side, ghosh has everyone do a big final project, so i will have two of those to complete.

that and i can't even listen to the guy talk for five minutes without totally zoning out. on tuesday i stared out the window for fifteen minutes, thinking about how to defend weir hall from zombies, before i realized i was looking in completly the wrong direction for him to think i was paying attention. great!

now for the good news.

CE will be as easy as ever, claudia is such a great teacher. she announced yesterday that the book was optional, so that saves me $100! woo!

fluid and thermal systems (which is a subject that oddly fascinates me) with dr. lyons doesn't look too bad. we get to drop a test and the homework is more or less optional, but if he randomly calls on us we have to know the solutions to all the problems or he takes points off our final score. and there's another end-of-the-semester project in his class, but no final!!! wee!!!

senior design will be the same as last semester. same group, same teacher, same room, same time... it's like we never left.

and then there's early british literature with dr. mott. i'm going to totally own that class. i could tell from the way he was talking that he's used to getting mediocre papers and half-baked ideas from kids in that class, and that he expects us to kind of evolve as the semester goes on. we'll have to write a 6 page paper and a 10 page paper, and do some take-home essay tests.

piece. of. cake.

i'm the queen of writing literature essays. i'm going to blow this class away.

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