Saturday, January 14, 2006

food town

today was the only "retreat" part of the leader's retreat. on scuba steve's high reccomendations, he, andrew, jesse, chris and i crammed into my car to take a trip to the famous datil steakhouse, which is some 60 miles or so away from socorro. scuba steve swore that it would be the best steak we'd ever eaten and that it would change our lives... so we tried it out. it turned into a major road trip.

understand this... the two-way highways running east and west of socorro are quite nice and picturesque, unlike the intersate running north and south, which would probably give you the most boring drive in america. on the westward-leading road is the Very Large Array (VLA, yeah, it's a dorky name, but you get used to it), a series of gigantic sattelite dishes. at our meeting last night, emily, one of our faculty sponsors, suggested calling our large group meetings VLG for Very Large Group. i think, considering the location and nerdiness of the school, that that was a sheer stroke of genius on emily's part.

at any rate, it's a lot better (and a good deal less confusing) than calling our weekly meetings "the feast", a term jd put into practice to try and make it seem like people were missing out if they didn't come, like they would be overcome with the most awesome experience ever, something that overwhelmed the senses and left you fat and happy. whatever. it's stupid. i hate it! "the feast..."

between us, jd is the biggest dork i know.

but thanks to emily we're past all that. our new name needed new posters, so we decided to stop at the VLA on the way to datil and have a little photo shoot. things got silly.

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here's the winning poster shot (i assume i don't have to tell you which one i am):

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after the vla we went to datil. the steak was good. it may have been the best steak i've had, but if i can't remember i suppose it doesn't count. it certainly didn't change my life. but it seems to be a boy thing... all four of them were in dead cow bliss.

about twenty miles up the road from datil is pie town. no, i'm not kidding. they have a post office and everything. pie town, new mexico exists for the sole purpose of a famous pie cafe. observe.

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okay, the pie may have changed my life. i had peach a la mode. it was so, so awesome. much better than the steak.

and the lady behind the counter was so cute! she talked to all of us like we were long lost friends, and kept inserting ways to brutally tease an old man at one of the tables, whose wife joined in to mock him. he took it very well. it turns out that today was is 70th birthday. wow. yes, pie town was the coolest thing i've done since i drove to virginia this summer. but what did i expect? pie in pie town had to be something meaningful.

on the way back to socorro, the boys all fell asleep in the backseat. it was cute.

we thought about stopping in magdelena to buy their statewide-famous ice cream shakes, but this outing could have gone on forever. the next step would have been san antonio, at the owl bar, to get green chile cheeseburgers. then i wondered, "why isn't datil called steak town?"

i guess that would make san antonio "green chile cheeseburger town."

and hatch would be "chile town."

and hillsburo would be "apple town."

and then i suppose las cruces would be "whole enchilada town."

but if socorro got named for anything, it would probably be the frosty beverages of the socorro springs brewing company. hense, "beer town."

that would up enrollment.

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