Tuesday, November 23, 2004

epispde 3: the moment of truth... realized!

hey, i did it! i smashed abernathy's test! i didn't get the highest grade in the class, like last time, but i was only two points away. i had a 96. not much to complain about there. at least, not for me. abernathy announced to us today that some of the kids in the class thought that the test was unfair and went and complained to the dean, saying they studied hard and that abernathy didn't help us prepare.

that's sucha lie. i'm not just saying that because i got a good grade, even my friends who got bad grades say that abernathy helps us study more than any other teacher at tech... i hope the dean doesn't listen to them.

but i suppose that's the best expected end to the trilogy, completely proving my point... studying more equals lower grades. remember that one.

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