Thursday, November 11, 2004

test day episode 3: the moment of truth.... trailer 1

i took the test today... and i'm stumped. it's a complete cliffhanger. i have no idea how i did.

josh thinks he bombed it. jon didn't say so, because he never really says so, but i think he's not very happy with the test. no one finished, abernathy had us turn in the tests when class was over. some people walked out of there looking like they had just found out that their dog had died. on the other hand, i heard a couple people as they were leaving says, "that test was f***ing easy!" (by the way, i am so sick of hearing the f-word. it's everywhere! can't people think of something more intelligent, or at any rate less offensive to say? they think it makes them sound cool or adult, but in reality, they sound like total idiots. i'm not above chewing any of them out.)

there were five problems on the test. i got answers for all the problems except a part b. i don't think anyone got that one, and i heard a rumor from josh that abernathy didn't give us enough information to figure it out, so he might not count it. that's fine by me! none of my answers really seemed like shots in the dark, but i wasn't completely comfident in any of them either. i'm particularly concerned about the last two problems, because they were about concepts that i didn't quite grasp in class, and they just seemed to make sense on the test. that's pretty suspicious, if you ask me, and i wouldn't be surprized if i got them wrong. but i wouldn't be surprized if i got them right either.

like i said, i have no idea how this is going to end. tune in next week for the heart-stopping conclusion of episode 3.... the moment of truth!!!

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