Wednesday, November 10, 2004

test day episode 2: the therory continues

i think i need a cigar. i don't smoke cigars, but maybe i should.

well, my theroy of tests and studying seems to hold true. this semester, the more i study for a test, the worse i do. or rather, the less i study, the better i do.

my first thermo test, i studied my butt off and got a 57. the second, i hardly studied at all and got a 95. first dynamics test, didn't study, 98. first fluids test, studied, 81. second fluids test, didn't study, forgot that the test was even in the same week, got a 100. first econ test, studied, got a "c". second, didn't study, slept though half of it, got an "a".

this is really a weird trend that's going on here. i don't know what's wrong....

i guess the moment of truth will be tomorrow's second dynamics test. i plan on not studying. we'll see what happens.

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