Tuesday, December 14, 2004

red, tomato-based condiment

sorry i haven't been writing... here's the short, short version (a la space balls).

i am now twenty one! my birthday was the day before thanksgiving. and what did i do to celebrate? i went to fabulous las vegas. no, i didn't get drunk, no, i didn't get married, and no, i'm not rich. i did gamble a little, but no one even asked to see my id! it was kind of a bummer. i wanted to show it off. oh well.

one thing about vegas is the boobs. they are everywhere. on the billboards, on the taxis, on the casino signs. people stand on the side of the road and hand out fliers for hookers all day long, and people drop them on the ground and the sidewalk is lined with boobs. it's kind of unique, but it got pretty old. the fountain show at the bellagio is the coolest thing ever, it's way better than the scanky pirate show at treasure island. that one has changed a lot since i was a kid.

then there's christmas shopping and of course, finals. i have five this semester. five! have i ever had that many? maybe i'm just getting lazy. as of now, two are down, three to go. bring it.

on to updates:

i have two, count 'em, two jobs lined up for christmas break. the good ol nursery job and a waitressing job at my brother's bakery. yay, money!

i'm moving in with the val verde girls. i'm really looking forward to not eating in the cafeteria and getting money back from the school.

my winning steak... or rather, my getting-a's-on-tests-without-studying streak finally came to an end. yes kids, it really is better to study for your tests. i promise. and it's better to wear sunscrean too. ;)

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