Monday, November 08, 2004

another x-child?

i watch good morning america just about every day. no, i don't seek this show out, it's what's playing every morning in the cafeteria at breakfast, and i am a breakfast person. it's not that bad... yesterday they hosted the myth-busters, some good interesting nerdy fellows that i enjoy. what you should really avoid is regis and kelly. kelly is the dumbest woman in the world. she makes me ashamed to be a female. i really have to wonder if she's really that stupid or if she fakes it because she thinks it's cute. either way, she's an insult to female intelligence and really shouldn't be on television.

anyway, i saw something interesting on gma today. they had a story about a little girl who couldn't feel pain. of course this is not a new disease, and of course it is very dangerous for her because she could be rubbing off skin, for example, and not feeling it. but, heartlessly, i have to wonder what kind of mutant power that would be, what her nickname would be, what her outfit would look like... and with every mutant power there is a mutant weakness. in this case that one is easy. she just wouldn't know when she's really getting injured. i spent breakfast pondering what kind of painful (painless?) situations she could be in without actually really doing damage to her body, instead of working on my fluids homework. lucky for me, it was really hard and nobody else did it, so dr. reilley gave us an extension. yeah.... i'd better get to that fluids homework now, and stop turning poor little girls with weird deseases into mutant freaks.

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