Sunday, November 07, 2004


i'm really excited!

i have been wanting to move off-campus for a long time, and as of today i have two possible choices for doing so. neither has actually told me for sure that i can move in, but i'm very hopeful.

option #1: the colemans
kim was my last roommate, remember her? she graduated last semester with a degree in tehnical communications, but then came back to school for a degree in civil because she just couldn't find anything else to do. i'm glad, because she's SO fun. she and i get along great, almost too great, because we tend to talk to each other when we should be doing other things. right now she lives with her sister jenny near the plaza, and she told me that it would be tight, but dirt cheap for all three of us to live there. coooool!

option #2: the val verde girls
sounds like salloon girls or hookers or something, but it's quite the opposite. there are currently three girls in this house, nicole, kc, and ronnie, and they all work at the val verde. nicki, kc and i have been friends for a few years, and ronnie is totally cool. if i moved in here i would be sharing a room with nicki and it would probably be just as cheap. and nicki and kc run a bible study on sunday nights for girls at school and iv and work. i think it would be so great to live with them!

don't get me wrong here... jessica is probably the coolest girl in this whole building. she's awesome. but i finally figured out what adam realized when we were freshmen: if i move off-campus with the scholarship i have, i will get paid to go to school here.

also, i think not having a christian roommate is affecting me again, like the semester that i lived with theresita. it wouldn't be so bad if carmen was here this semester, but sometimes i really need a girl to dish with, and as great as jessica is, we're just not close like that. i don't think people realize what an influence it is to live with people who share your faith. maybe it makes me weak, but i really need that influence.

cross your fingers!

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