Monday, November 08, 2004

questions of the day

does every orange/lemon/lime/grapefruit have the same concentration of citric acid? does it matter how ripe they are?

what does xenophobia mean?

how many nerd ropes are sold daily? yearly? who came up with that anyway? (interesting... google search nerd ropes.)

adam told me that a person who peels the label off a jar or bottle is sexually frustrated. how are those two events related? what does sexually frustrated mean? who desided that peeling labels had anything to do with that? is there a one-to-one correlation?

how the heck does ketsup get in the packets? think about it... why is the logo off-center virtically, but never horizontally? my best guess is a long tube full of ketsup that is pinched and heat-sealed and cut, but there is not dried ketsup in the folds, so i'm stumped.

if you have any information about any of these above questions (especially the ketsup one), help me out. actually, i think i could figure out the xenophobia one myself, but other than that...

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