Friday, November 12, 2004

girl anger, i guess

what's up with this notion that people have that girls are wimpy? even if a person never admits to it, they think it. i really makes me mad. we hear it everywhere.... "don't be such a girl." it means quit acting like a wuss. "that's a girly sport." it means it's easy. and my favorite is the football coach who tries to motovate his team by calling them ladies. don't people know that girls are going to hear these things? what if someone used your name to insult people? would it offend you?

the funny thing is, most people don't notice. most girls don't even notice.

i'm still trying to understand the whole chivalry thing. there's nothing that makes me more mad than hearing a guy say, "i respect women. i would never fight a girl." it's a complete contridiction. but i won't get into that one, it's too controversial.

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Gags said...

i believe u've slightly misconceived the situation. speaking from a male's perspective, i believe we consider girls to be princesses and try to treat them like when. and when we call someone girly as such, we actually mean u r not a princesses, so don't take things easy. it is from our high regard towards the better sex that the sarcasm originates, not the other way round. in today's topsy turvy world the beter sex has now decided to compete with men in all fields, and yes, they r perfectly capable of giving us a run for our money, but at times there are frictions because of such misunderstandings. i hope i have succeeded in setting the record straight with atleast one concious lady??