Sunday, September 11, 2005

sweet soreness

is it weird that i like to be sore? i mean, i don't like it, it sucks to hurt when you move, but when my muscles are acheing i feel so athletic and it seems more like i accomplished something.

i played hockey for the first time in ages yesterday. and i am sore. : ) i'm not officially on a team yet, but we're working on it. i am officially the boss statistician again, so that's good. and i will get paid for it, also. i scored one yesterday, and it was lots of fun playing with the new boards.

after the games i went to my brother's restaurant with hugo, hugo, and ray. ray and hugo sr. were drinking beer and getting a little silly. well, hugo was getting a LOT silly actually. he was saying something about there were little people in his bottle and they were talking to him... and drowning... it was very funny. i've never hung out with hockey buddies outside hockey before, it was really fun!

ah, hockey season. i love it. i love it.

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