Sunday, September 18, 2005

hockey day!

i'm on a hockey team! i'm so excited! my teammates are peter dinger, dr. dave, collin, teague, bean (who wasn't there this week), gabe sanchez, and this guy named rick. i no likey rick, and i've been known to disagree with bean, but on the whole i really love my team and if i could have picked one to be on, it would be that one.

yesterday we played the team with ray, hugo, and hugo. they creamed us. i think they won by like eight. i don't know what was going on! dinger and teague had so many shots that were this close, but didn't go in. i'm not usually one to talk schmack about goalies, but gabe was not playing up to his usual skill. ryan, who was playing at the other end, had about seven posts in each half. if GOD was playing, he was definitely on ryan's team.

you gotta wonder about whoever put these teams together... there were three "ryan"s and two "hugo"s on the team we played. anyway, a different ryan, who was not playing goalie, who is dr. dave's son, didn't have such a great game, mostly because he was the only player on his who didn't score, and partly because i totally stomped him about three times.

when i took my first shift of the game, the face-off was low in our zone. i asked the other skater if he wanted to play defense, and he did, so i got ready to rush the point (who was ryan). they won the face-off, the puck went right to ryan, and i rushed him. i got possesion from him and just kept going, yay, breakaway holly! and i went and scored. i'd been on the court about fifteen seconds. and i was the cool kid. and that was just the first time i stomped him.

i got compliments for that "pretty" goal all day. i told hugo jr. that i'd scored it for him.

anyway, i'm sure you don't want to be bored by every detail of the game. i'll just say that it was a blast, i love my team, and i totally can't figure out why the score wasn't closer! i thought we were working really hard, i'm not saying we should have won, but, but... ray scored five goals! what the....

oh, and my little brother andy, his best friend lee, my little buddy ian ("sunshine"), hugo jr, and my friend danny all scored goals for me throughout the course of the day. yay! and hugo, hugo, ray and i went out for soup and beer again. that may turn into a new after-hockey tradition. i love hockey!


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