Thursday, September 15, 2005

the semester is here

well, it's baaaaaack!

good ol' schoolwork. too bad none of us missed it. i'll keep this short, and maybe explain myself later. my new group is interesting. we got a new guy, casey, which brings our total number to four. i haven't had a chance to even talk to him yet. our team leader is a slacker and i want to kick him in the balls. mr. other guy, however, stayed up until three a.m. with me last night trudging through mr. team leader's mistakes, so i'm very impressed with him and he's on my good side.

my job sucks. controlls sucks. machine design sucks. mechatronics is okay, but the lab sucks. senior design is a pain in my side.

right now i am loving construction management, though. yay for trivial math.

i need sleep like my brother needs a haircut.

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