Thursday, September 08, 2005


yesterday scuba asked me how i was doing.

i said, "well scuba, if i was a swearing woman, i could tell you exactly how i'm doing, but since i'm not, you'll just have to leave it up to your imagination." i told scuba that because he's a good friend, and partly because he caught me at a time that i was ready to vent a little bit. you know what i say to everyone else? "i'm fine, how are you?"

i don't want to tell my casual aquantances how i'm doing because, well, that would be weird. i don't want to tell my close friends how i'm doing either, because i already feel like i complain all the time. poor friends, always listening to my sob stories. so it's the "in-betweens", like scuba, that really know how it's going. or at least, they know it's not good.

no one gets the full story though.

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