Sunday, September 25, 2005

sin and hockey

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i just saw sin city this weekend, and i thought it was great. i love movies that are so artistic, i felt like i was watching a comic book. that, combined with the last comment about how my blog needs more pictures, promted the nice black-and-white you see above.

we won our game yesterday! 6-5, tied nearly the whole game, but a win is a win. bean was there this week, and dr. dave wasn't around. i didn't score, but i had a few good screens, and an assist i think. i don't know, i felt like i did a lot better in the last game. we all did.

i'm totally impressed with collin and teague, though. they just moved up to the adult leage this season and they are still getting used to the different hustle and the longer haves. that extra ten minutes really makes a difference. but they're so cool! collin especially was working really hard in the last game.

i didn't go for soup this weekend because after my game i felt really sick. but i felt a little better because derrik, phil, danny and hugo jr. all scored goals for me. infact, hugo scored two. : )

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