Friday, September 23, 2005

naughty and nice

an interesting question was posed to me today... if you could have a piano fall on the person of your choice, who would it be? well, i'm not so sure i'd go as far as piano chucking, i'm not a homocidal person or anything, but i've definitely got some people i'm annoyed with right now. oddly enough, paired with every thorn in my side is a person that i could not do without. want the naughty and nice list?

1. first, there is the iv staff worker. we'll call him dar. i don't know why i'm bothering to conceal his name, because anyone who reads this who knows me will know exactly who i'm talking about, but here goes.

dar called a meeting wednesday night, right after my senoir design group meeting (more about that later). i was going on four hours of sleep and was barely coherent. i still had several hours of homework ahead of me before i could go to bed, and was looking forward to dressing up (which is not my jive) and handing out resumes the next morning at the career fair. i was expecting the meeting to be forty-five minutes or an hour, tops, and all business. first thing dar says is, "is it okay with everyone if we go for a few hours tonight?" i thought he was kidding. i laughed. he wasn't kidding.

so he hands out this fifteen-page guide about leadership for us to discuss. okay kids, let's turn to page one and take ten minutes or so to read through it and jot down your thoughts. alright dar, let me get this straight... i don't have time to sleep, and you're going to make me come to this meeting that's not even planning anything and sit around for hours talking about my feelings? if i'm not taking a test on this tomorrow, i'm not reading it. i was about ready to fake my own death to get out of there.

enter my knight in shining armor, jon. good ol' jon. he called my phone, and i excused myself. once in the hall, i told him i was in big trouble and he had to call me in twenty minutes and demand that i leave the meeting at once. and he did just that. twenty minutes later, he called and said, "i'm on my way over to your house, so you'd better be there." sorry, dar, i really have to go.... at that point, we were an hour into the meeting and were on page four. thank GOD for jon. if he ate sugar, i'd bake him a cake. then at my house, he walked josh and i through the controls homework for a few hours, even though he'd already finished it. he is the nicest person ever.

2. my team leader, leroy. yeah, i tried not to name names in my last post about him, but i'm pretty fed up. he's not doing his job. he almost missed our presentation because he was at the pub, drinking, and only made it because one of his drinking buddys said, "hey, don't you have class in five minutes?" he's late for meetings, does not communicate with us, and is not doing his weekly progess reports like he's supposed to.

which brings me to travis. thank GOD for travis also. i've already told you how he and i stayed up until three a.m. fixing leroy's mixtakes (and plagerism!), but i found out a few nights ago that he's been pulling up the slack on leroy's weekly reports also. he's the one who shows up on time when leroy is late and saves us from flunking. he and i were the ones who did the presentation on wednesday night before the iv meeting (see above), and both of us were sleep deprived and our brains were fried. i am so glad he's on my team. i need to call him and tell him i can help out more, since it's obvious our leader is a bum.

interesting point, casey and i were the first ones at the meeting on wednesday. i asked him if leroy had filled him in on the project at all, and he said yes. then he said, "seems like leroy does most of the work." i didn't want to bash the leader before casey's first meeting, so i just said, "oh really? huh."

3. other kc now, the one i live with. i don't know what the deal is. she's not talking to me. my study buddies (read josh) think she's mean. that wouldn't be so bad, but she's not doing her dishes either, it's been a whole week now, and when she leaves the shower it is gross. gross. but i guess what's really bugging me is that she hangs out with mike all the time and both of them ignore me when they're over here. mike used to be my boyfriend. he's totally over me, i'm not over him, not even close. i want to think that there's nothing going on between them, but... but... this so sucks.

on the other hand, carmelita is the best friend and roommate ever. i slept in this morning and she woke me up and made me breakfast and put chai in a little travel mug for me so i could take it to class. she's so awesome. and she can read my mind when it comes to the whole mikeandkc situation. she doesn't know what to do about it, but she takes care of me. i love her.

and now, thank heaven, it's the weekend. time for hockey and my family.


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Anonymous said...

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nerdy said...

hmm, two anonymous comments on one post. to commenter one: sorry about the lack of pictures, but my camera was stolen this summer, so y'know, i'm not THAT sorry.

to commenter two: your song sugestions have been appriciated, especially since i LOVE music. i wish i knew something more about you, however...

Anonymous said...

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i'm the second anonymous poster, and i gave you a clue already...those numbers.



nerdy said...

a-HA! that's what i thought.

actually, i think talking about google ranking was also a dead giveaway. but anyway, how's it going?