Thursday, September 01, 2005

new group!

i walked into senior design today more than a little bit nervous.

the week before we signed up for our three top choices for our senior design projects. our professor was going to sort us into groups depending on what we want to work on, which is very different from the way things are usually done. usually, it's just a given that jon, josh and i are working together, and maybe we'd be joined by some other poor schmuck who couldn't find his own group. not this time!

i signed up for an aviation project, a transmission project, and a heliostat project. i was really hoping for the aviation one, but i was more concerned about who i might be stuck with rather than what i'd be researching. my first hope, walking into class, was "please not in peirce's group..." and then, "please the aviation..."

hey, guess what? i got both my wishes. step back, i'm going to be designing the flaps on a privately-owned new aircraft. i'm stoked.

the people in my group are leroy and travis. i don't know leroy very well, and sometimes travis bugs me because he's so negative, but we had a little mini-meeting after class, and i think everything's going to be fine! of course, i had to check and make sure that josh and jon weren't stuck with anyone horrible either, and they are both okay. design class without my buddies... what will this be like? i will let you know how things work out...

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