Monday, August 15, 2005


i've been spending the last few days moving into my new house. i should really say my new room, since my new house is really my old house, the one i lived in last summer with steve, scuba, corrie and christian. instead of sharing the master bedroom/bathroom with corrie, i have my very own room (first time in three years, and i am stoaked), and i'm sharing the hall bathroom with KC. that's right, KC from the house i just moved out of. other roommates in the house include steve (not scuba steve, but the same steve mentioned above, who was my roomie last summer), and his new wife carmelita, who i've never roomed with before, but after all she has been my R.A. for a few semesters and she's one of my very best friends. confused? i sure am. let me lay it out for you...

My Roommate Timeline

In Driscol Hall:
Vanessa (fall 02 - spring 03)
Theresita (fall 03)

In President's Hall
Kim (spring 04)

At the White House
Scuba, Steve, Christian, and Corrie (summer 04)

Back in President's
Jessica (fall 04)

At the Val Verde House
Nicki, Rauni, and KC (spring - summer 05)

... and Back at the White House
KC, Steve, Carmelita (fall 05, and hopefully longer)

there ya have it! now i know how this looks. you're thinking, "what on earth is wrong with this girl? why can't she keep a roommate for more than a semester?" surprizingly enough, only one of the above rooming situations ended because we just couldn't get along. vanessa moved back home, kim graduated, nicki got married... and i'm not counting christian. he and i had our differences, but we're still on speaking terms, and we didn't share a room anyway. :)

and speaking of sharing a room... did i mention how excited and releived i am to not be sharing a room? my pictures are all over the walls. my clothes fill the closet. the bottom bunk and the top bunk are mine. from now on, the only alarm waking me up in the morning will be mine, mine!

no more sneaking in after my roomie's asleep and trying to get ready for bed in the dark!

no more sitting on the couch late at night finishing homework because i needed to turn out the light!

no more "don't touch my penguin!"

no more turning the music down! in fact, i left it on all night! wow... i'm stoaked.

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