Thursday, August 25, 2005

birthday song

today is kc's birthday, and it's also vanessa's birthday, my very first roommate, the one who first called me hollypolly, a nickname that somehow got all the way to las cruces, to my hockey buddies, and now they have one more thing they love to tease me about. :)

anyway, i stayed up late last night after kc went to bed and made her a cheesecake with the ingredients that carmen bought yesterday. carmen said she was too tired to make it, and boy she wasn't kidding, because she kept walking in and running into stuff and giggling. poor steve got his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, so he was a little drugged up. he was wandering around like a zombie, going "uuuhhhhn". between the two of them, i had a lot of laughs, until i finally sent them to bed.

i made cards for kc and vanessa, and carmen and i are getting ness like fiddy bucks at jcpenny or something.

all this brithday atomoshere gets me to thinking about my own big day in november. it's going to suck like an superhoover. carmen asks me, "what day is you birthday this year?" THURSDAY. you know what that means... it's turkey, cranberries, and stuffing for me. instead of cake i'll have a pumpkin pie. i HATE when my birthday falls on thanksgiving.

but that's nothing compared to what i won't be doing. as of now i've pretty much given up all hope of making it to the paul mccartney concert on the 23rd. it's just not going to happen, it's too expensive. i'm such a loser. how can i not go? errrr... and of course on top of it all, i won't be seeing any of my friends because it's an academic holiday.

you have no idea how much i'm looking forward to our annual thanksgiving morning-long pickup hockey game.

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