Tuesday, August 23, 2005

first day blues

well, today was the first day of school. nothing terribly eventful, except one of my teachers didn't show up. nothing stressful. nothing traumatic.

and yet, my mind is in constant turmoil. i have about a jillion thoughts running through my head, and wouldn't you know it, most of them are terribly personal, enough that posting them for the anonymous world to read causes me major hesitation. which leads me to the question i was pondering last night... exactly how much do i want to write in my little web diary?

i guess it wouldn't do, just telling you that i have soap opera-ish drama at home in las cruces, at college in socorro, and even in my little house with three other grown people. you want to hear what the drama is, not just that it's around, am i right? what if i made you a list? love, hate, jealousy, accusations, gossip, loyalty, fear, disbelief, insecurity, loneliness... no, not all me. but all around me.

didn't cut it, did it? it leaves the reader unsatisfied.

sorry i'm being so vague. i didn't bring myself to talk about it this time. i'm not trying to be mysterious, i'm just trying to figure out what's in my head.

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