Sunday, August 28, 2005

homework, round one

so we've got this new class, machine element design, right? first day of class, tuesday, no teacher shows up. we all hang around for fifteen or so minutes until pablo, the wisest of us all, calls rosemary to see what was going on. she said there was no teacher assigned to the class, and we should all try again on thursday.

and thursday, a new teacher with an unpronoucable russian last name came in and talked at us for ten minutes longer than the class was scheduled for, which was rough, because we only had 45 minutes to eat anyway before all of us had to be in mechatronics. he didn't write any notes on the board and about half the class (including josh) fell asleep. at the last second, he threw us five or so homework problems.

i went to josh's house to study today. neither of us had looked at any of the homework. after we finished as much as we could on a somewhat nasty set of dynamic systems & controls, we decided to takle the unknown, the machine element design! i had no idea what to expect.

okay, first problem: convert the following quantities into SI units.

i laughed so hard i cried. what is "dr. b" thinking? unit conversion is easy for freshmen, and here we are, mechanical engineering seniors and we're converting units? is he kidding? all the other problems were just as easy. i haven't had homework that pointless since the very beggining of ES 110.

i don't know if i should count my blessings or be insulted or what. we sure got a good laugh out of it, though. : )

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