Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Road Trip Day Twelve

where are the pictures, you may ask? well, i'll tell you.

the first thing we heard when we woke up was a knock and the door and the word "smashed" from an unidentified man. then we heard my grandma say "oh no" and close the door behind her.

the first thing i thought was, "the van got run into. it's okay, my computer's in the house."

next i thought, "the van got broken into. it's okay, my computer's in the house. but tracy's guitar is in the van... uh oh."

i desperatly tried to fall asleep again. next to me on the convertable bed, tracy was trying to do the same thing. but she finally sat up and said, "did he say the window was smashed?"

yup, the driver's side window was smashed. but the guitar, skateboard, my grandad's conputer, the train paintings, and most importantly (to me, at least) my cd collection were all still in the car. that's the good news. the bad news was my sister's wallet and my camera were stolen. both objects were left in the car accedentally, in our exhausted rush away from the car after 900 miles of driving.

my sis ended up loosing about $500 dollars. i feel really bad for her. she had everything in that wallet. as for me, i would much rather loose my camera than my cds.

anyway, the rest of day eleven was spent fixing the window, calling the whole family, telling my gradparents about our trip, and finally, finally heading to socorro. when we got there, carmen put a margarita in my hand that was really gross, but very welcome.

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