Monday, August 08, 2005

Road Trip Day Ten

on day ten, we overslept. by about two hours.

since we overslept, and tracy had been bugging me about it the whole trip, we decided we might as well go to the waffle house for breakfast. tracy kept telling me how the food was going to change my life and stuff... i figured i should try it, just in case it did.

the food was okay, definitely not life-changing, but what was noteworthy was our exteremly lazy waitress who was no pro at manners either. she actually sat down at the table to wipe it down. wow. but before i get comments from all the over-worked, under-paid waitresses out there, don't worry, i left a good tip. don't forget that i used to work in a restaurant myself.

that day we drove from ashville, through tennesse (which was BIG fun), to little rock, arkansas. i felt like we could have gone further than that, but it didn't look like there was much on the other side of little rock short of oklahoma city, which was a little too ambitious.

and it was a good thing i got lots of sleep that morning, because GOD knows i sure didn't get much that night. i spent three hours talking on the phone, and a few hours mustering up my courage before that. but that's another story for another post, as the end of that saga is yet to be seen. pray for me.

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